Solar Eclipse today April 8!

Today, there was a solar eclipse! Here is the time frame in our neighborhood of Scottsdale.

The last total solar eclipse visible from North America was in 2017. Parts of the United States from Oregon to South Carolina were able to witness the rare phenomenon. Prior to that, the last total solar eclipse visible in the United States since 1979, when just five states were in the path of totality. Tatum and I had special glasses to see it!

Daddy got a pic from welding glass lens. WOW!!!

God is so good. I hope more miracles are coming. Amen.

Tatum’s first TED TALK!

I had her do one!! She watched many to inspire her, and she came upon a perfect topic. WHY HOMESCHOOL!

I reminded her that she wants to remember her AUDIENCE! She must be persuasive and focused!

Here she goes! Presented to Daddy and me. It was nearly perfect.


I would wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, and go to school. This was my life!!  No wonder I was always tired. My school days sucked. I would get bullied, have a hard time learning due to my learning style, not have time for my interests, and not pursuing my dreams. 

I’m here today to share with you why all kids should be homeschooled. 


Has your child ever  come home crying because they got bullied at school? 

Well,  getting bullied at school can cause your child to have depression and anxiety which can lead to loss of sleep, and that can affect how they learn at school. Another thing caused from bullying is violence which leads to trauma which can then lead to feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and a reduced quality of life and all of this can create a toxic and unsafe community at school. 

Picture this: I get into my mom’s car at pick up and she asks me how was my day. Immediately I would lash out at her, and she had no idea why; we both didn’t understand why, but after we got the root of the issue which was my reaction to all of the bullying. 

Learning styles

Schools break all kids into one category. Some kids thrive ,others do not. I for one did not thrive sitting in a desk for eight hours, having so much work, I didn’t have time for me, and 20 minute recesses. 

American educational theorist, David A. Kolb broke the Learning styles into accommodating, converging, diverging,and assimilating.According to him accommodator’s are the “hands-on”types and are keen to learn from real life experiences. Convergers want to have abstract ideas, but end up with concrete results. Divergers tend to use personal experiences and practical ideas to formulate theories. And assimulaters , according to David Kolb ,were most comfortable working with abstract ideas. All these learning styles are not highlighted in school, therefore making it hard for kids to understand and comprehend it all. 


Swish! The ball goes in the hoop. Then you remember that you have four pages of homework to do.

School can get in the way of your kids interests. Whether you played a tough baseball game or guitar practice went ran later than you expected, nobody wants to do homework late at night. Doing homework late at night causes you to have less sleep which can lead to a negative impact on mental health and reduced focus in school. if your kids love soccer I have a whole sheet of math, that could lead to dropping out of soccer which can lead to not getting enough exercise. 

Pursuing dreams

A boy could want to be a famous baseball player, and a girl could want to go into the Olympics for swimming, but school can get in the way of both. If you think about it homework can destroy a child’s dream. 

Let’s make up a boy named Baxter. Baxter really wants to be a famous baseball player, but after practice, he doesn’t wanna do homework, and before he hast to eat and get prepared. Baxter’s mom and dad homeschool him. Two years later, he finds himself  playing Little League. And you see since he was homeschooled had time  for practice and games that didn’t affect family time. And before he knew it, he was good enough for Little League. 

And that is why your kids should be homeschooled, no more bullying, you can highlight their learning styles, they can do their interests,and they can pursue their dreams. 

Thank you.

She did the WHOLE POWERPOINT on her own!

She was poised, confident and convincing!!

The HAYVEN is “fort”ified

Learning can happen in various locations. Tatum likes to liven up her environment. Under the piano seems to be a perfect place to do her work.

Rio, along with all the trappings of a comfortable place…

But who hijacked it?

Yes, Coopy head…He apparently wants to learn too!

Easter…RESURRECTION is here! 2024

We awaited the week with our blocks, and today we’d uncover the true meaning of EASTER.

Indeed. Yes. We have new beginnings. New hopes. New perspectives.

Later on, we went all Easter bunny, and looked for eggs. Jesus would have done the same, right?

Keep looking! There might be a fancy egg to find!?

And that will get you some new books! Plus some that you wanted from Ted Dekker: Millie Maven .

Later mom came over and we enjoyed some delightful food!

Table adorned with PEEPS (peeping out of the baskets)! Eggs, sausage, and my special sugar free gluten free carrot cake!

Such a nice day. I love how mellow it was.

BTW, we went to church on Saturday since they offered services that day. It is usually way too busy, and we wanted to make room for the CEO’s (Christmas and Easter Only crowd) LOL

I love you Jesus.

Happy Birthday to my dear mom!

This flower planted by my HHH gives me such goosebumps! It’s a reminder of the love I have for my mom…timeless, budding, and deep. (it also is yellow as she is my friend too!)

Tatum, Mama, and Doug played a game (joyfully I might add) while I cooked and got all of the goodies ready.

I had the table all ready for our time together.

Tatum made her a fun card!

And we just spent the evening enjoying each other. Mom, you get younger every year! We love you!

God is moving. And I mean really moving! Homeschool hopes

Today was a truly God-answering-and-we-see-Him-moving day.

You see, when we first started this Homeschool journey, only a few weeks ago, we had no idea what it would look like. I was a bit overwhelmed, and I had no idea what this would like this year, let alone next year.

Enter in friends from SBC. I asked around, spread my blanket out, and networked like crazy to find out resources, groups, or anything to know and learn. I obtained about five group names and started sending emails.

Step One: Eastside Explorers. What a blessing this was! We instantly connected with the group and signed up for book club, park days, and Marketplace. It’s been such a blessing.

Step Two: CoYoTe. Wow. Little did I know how many people I’d know in this group already! Also, they had next to ZERO openings for next year, but they made room for us if we wanted to join. First, we needed to shadow for a day.

Today, we visited the group, and I couldn’t help but WEEP the whole time. It was like walking into family. What school should be. Jesus, Learning, Kindness, Challenging, Loving, and more LOVE LOVE LOVE grounded in HIM. The leader is someone I knew through Tatum already as she has kids in choir at SBC. ALL of their students were so kind, and they all graduate early or are way ahead their grade level.

For the first time, I see God truly making this completely CLEAR IS A BELL that we are in the right place, and we are making the RIGHT decision. There’s more to learn, but I see that GOD’S PLAN is never wrong. HE IS NEVER LATE…NEVER EARLY.

Tatum was beaming today, looking forward to true friendships (and awesome learning).

Sliding into Homeschool adventures!