Throwback Thursday and ANNIE

“The sun will come out TOMORROW!” I have been singing this, and I finally played for her the song from ANNIE. It was a show I saw on stage when I was 5.

We found this book at Bookman’s (A used bookstore)> PAPER DOLLS of Annie and her dog Sandy. I used to LOVE these when I was small. Now, one might say it’s not as exciting as our technology has advanced, but I had to buy it. She loves it!

We have a LOT of clothes to cut out for Annie (this is the time consuming part so I only cut out two outfits), but it sure was fun to bring back a fun activity to do what Tot. Now, we will see the show tomorrow night. She’ll love it.

Persevering through the tough times

Does this title sound ominous? It is meant to because sometimes times really are tough and you wonder: How do I handle this one?

Fits. They happen. Shoot, we have them too (in our minds and maybe we really do want to act out and &*^))^^%, but we don’t). Tatum has moments of these little “I want my way!!!!” The straight out, “NO, Tatum, it’s not going to happen and please don’t ask me again.” She is a tenacious little bulldog and continues to ask ask ask. How to handle it is the burning question.

Here is an example of a maybe minor case, but it can signify a bigger one to come if we don’t put the kibosh on the behavior.

I was very preoccupied on Wednesday. My plate was fuller than I could handle, and I didn’t pay as much attention to her as I usually do. I was sitting on her bed (so at least I’d be with her), and I was working. She was carrying books onto the bed and “knicked” her finger. All of sudden, she started to cry. Now, I knew it was not a real sore because 1. She was not bleeding and 2. There was NO mark.” She kept trying to show me how red it was by squeezing it. Aye.

OK, so she wanted a bandaid. Now, mind you, she can find a reason for at least ONE band-aid per day, and I’m finding myself having to buy bandaids almost weekly.  It’s a bit ridiculous. I finally put my foot down last night and just said, “NO” to the bandaid. (I’m going to have to take out a second mortgage with all the exciting bandaid designs I have purchased).

Tears tears tears…. “PLEASE!!!” (This was repeated probably 20 times).
Now, all the perfect mommy’s out there would say, “OH, well, I would have done this or that”  but at that moment, I was like…I cannot give in to the NO, but she can’t keep asking me. I told her I’d throw out the band-aids if she asked me again. She was quiet.  Then I let her cry and cry as I went into my room to let her cool off.

I heard her praying out loud: “Jesus, please help me!” This made me melt.

Finally, I entered her room after it was quiet, and we had a chat cuddling on her bed. We talked about being a good steward of what we have; we talked about how important it is to cry, but after a bit, it’s time to think about what we are trying to gain. Is it working? We talked about how much I love her and how if she is ever hurt, I’m there for her. I would never ignore that. I told her I know I was busy today, but sometimes Mommy has to work more than others. She got it. Really.

She said, “Mommy, don’t leave my bedroom; just lay with me.” I did for awhile, and she said, “Mommy, I love you with all my heart; I’m sorry I had a fit over a band-aid.”

OH, it’s a daily AHA for me. A daily AHA of how much I love her and how, through the daily tiny struggles, I find myself loving her more. I think she is experiencing this as well.

Tatum’s up and Coti’s down

Tatum was up today because we visited her school for next year!

It was really a treat because we (I) have been praying about going here for over 2 years. (It’s quite pricey). Doug, Mama, and I have asked help with our friends to give their tax credit money toward her tuition. We’ve had quite a few help. I’m so very grateful.

She’ll be going to Kindergarten here next year. We’ll see what happens after this next year. (I’d like to home school after 2nd grade, but God only knows)

Then, there’s Snugglebug. He had surgery today on his teeth. Really, just getting them cleaned, but they have to put him to sleep for this which means a SHOT. He was a bit down.

He was a bit docile today and so very sweet. (He had a shot on his right leg hence the orange “cast”)

Where do you think he wanted to hang out?

With my Lovebug.

He will be back to his old self tomorrow.



Shenanigans with Coti”Kins”

Her new name for him….

Well, it is never a dull moment with these two.

He pouts and waits to be played with. So,

Tatum gives in…

Then when they are all tired, she gets cuddled to death. Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you for playing with me!!! Lick lick lick…


And the shower continues.

I love you with my whole heart

This is what she says to me every day. She looks at me with her deep blue oceanic eyes and says these words.

I tell her that God chose me to be her mommy and I am the most blessed for it.

She hears me thank God everyday for this honor and she also hears me ask for help to be the best mommy (for her).

This morning, she drew with such color which just signified how much this girl has in her!

My sweet girl, may we only grow closer as the years pass. I love you with my whole heart.

Her fruit is growing and getting more juicy!

On Sunday, we made our craft for our verse of the week:
“But the fruit of the spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Failthfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control against such things there is no law.” Gal. 5:22-23

Evidence that I see juicy fruit?

While I was sleeping on Saturday night, my little bunny was up making me presents and love notes. She stuck them under my door and tip-toed into my room and placed them on my chair. Kindness, Gentleness, Love.

Just yesterday, she wanted to start a chart: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. We started to fill it out, and each time we do one of them, we will place a sticker on the box.

More Kindness and Goodness.

She is also reading TO ME every night! I bought her these Pete the Cat Phonics books

She reads 4 or 5 of them each night to me after I read to her. She has such PATIENCE.

Also, this gives us both LOTS OF JOY!

I love watching my little sweetie grow into a lovely “fruity” young lady. She inspires me.

I love you Tatie Tots.



Conference and FUN!

Is it here already? It was to be a day off for Tatum as it was conference day. So, we planned on having a bit of fun afterward. Stay tuned with what we did!

Coach Matt and Ms. V had a stellar report for Tatum.

I like this last part. She loves the Bible.

No surprise academically. I was interested in her socially. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She does not get into the “girly” drama AT ALL. In fact, she usually just plays with the boys or runs, plays ball, or legos. She’s very balanced, and she is strong! A leader. Man, I am beaming at hearing this. They said she is also very kind. That was my big hope as well.

While we met, she made me a little sign. You like?

I like!

Colorful and beautiful.

So, we headed to the Aquarium after this!! How has she grown? Let’s take a look:

Not quite to the Emperor yet, but there is no rush, right!? Since there was only one penguin swimming today,  (yes, only one..sad face)… we decided to head to other cool fish. Oh, and we had to say HI to Lucy.

He likes me.

Anyway, look at this creature of crazy? What is it!?

It’s a …..a……a…


He sees that I’m staring at him and he stares back.

Ok, he’s freaking me out, so we head to the best part.

The turtles!!! I just love how the aquarium rescue them and nurses them back to health. We met the two new ones: Boise and Charlie.

We got home later and decided to draw a turtle to celebrate.

It was a great day. Spending time with my bumby allllll day. Well, can I just say:

I love you sweet girl. I’m so proud of you.