4th Grade and The Fruit of the Spirit!

I got a part! I got a part!
She couldn’t wait to be a part of Chapel and teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit to the kids.

Tatum was in charge of taking the offering today.

Then they were up! Pledge, Bible Pledge, Christian Flag Pledge

Then Tatum was up to read a verse. Isaiah 41:10. My favorite comfort verse; she has such poise.

and now the skit. They acted out what it looks like to have Goodness, Kindness, and Love.

To be a loving friend…We put others ahead of ourselves

Kindness? To share and care.

They ended with a song. May we all produce these fruits with its root coming from HIM loving us and us LOVING HIM.

What a lovely job they did. May we remember!

Treats, “the Look”, Nomo, 6G, and Ideas!

After school, I love to give Tatum a treat.

Today was just a little fun! I do love to make it special for her since ….well….homework, you know. (Oh, and I owed her for the many “100’s” she has received. Pay up! (I don’t mind paying here).

She also tries to make things “more fun” by having new looks every day. The glasses seem to be the catalyst. The newest pair: Speckled and surprising. Just like her!

Which shall she pick for tomorrow ? We hope to go to an outing…so which shall she wear?

So, we did! Tot and I went to As You Wish, and what did we paint?
Well, Tot worked on a couple of nomes, and me? I wanted to celebrate our mission: Living the 6G life.

We surprised Daddy at Idea dinner.

And the other nome? We named him “Nomo” since each day we’d hide him. Nomo Gnome.

Our Idea dinners are always full of joy. We love to brainstorm new ideas for our family and others.

We shall continue to live our 6 G LIFE!


He’s sure a bird of many traits.

Singing to himself,

he may be a bit narcissistic? Who me?

Naaaah… but I do love to see what happens when I take this round shiny thing and…..


And when I eat, I must be completely vertical.

So I can reach every little teeny tiny morsel!

The Woody -ways!

Austin, We are so proud of your efforts

He was to come over for breakfast, birthday, and now, just because he rocks!

In three weeks time, Austin has done a 180. Stuck in a dead-end landscaping job, we have been praying for him to get a “career” type of job going; but most everything requires a high school diploma.

Obtaining his GED would be a challenge since he worked so much, he was not able to do all of the arranging, and he had a limited time to complete it in order to make the deadline into the GCU Electrician Apprentice program.

BUT GUESS WHAT? He powered through, and on the week of his 25th birthday, he finished all of his tests, passed, and started at GCU. WOW! Talk about perseverance.

Well, today, we celebrate.

He came by and was blown away!

I made a sausage, potato, butternut squash, kale quiche and a coconut flour iced lemon bread. First, we prayed for the meal, and then dished it up.

Austin talked the whole time about his classes, and not how he is set on getting A’s. Also, he read his goals to us:

“I want to graduate with A’s, have a full time job, be married with. kids…and start my own company.” He had it all laid out! True ambition after being lacking of this for so long. Doug couldn’t be more happy as he has waited 10 years (PRAYING) for a change of heart for Austin. Who could have imagined he’d be at GCU now!?

WE can’t wait to see what God has in store for you sweet boy.

Milania: New BFF from God and His divine plan

Tatum was asked by the principal to be an “ambassador” (hostess) to a new student in January. I reached out to her mom before to arrange the before school meeting.

Milania and Tatum hit it off instantly. Also an only child, she seemed to have a sweet disposition like Tatum. I found out that they enjoyed spending time with each other.

Fast forward to last week. Tatum was home with Covid for a few days, and Milania’s mom texted me to check on Tatum. Apparently, Milania cried when Tatum wasn’t there; she really missed her! I also found out from her mom (Danielle) that Tatum has been the ONLY girl who has been kind and inclusive to Milania. Wow.

We invited her over for a play date! I knew it was special, because Tatum took all morning to clean her room.

SPOTLESS! She also made Milania a surprise gift for when she arrived.

(BF friendship bracelets)

She rang the doorbell bearing gifts also: A Lego flower set!
So kind.

They got right to work on it with Woody of course!

They had a blast together, and her mom and I? We hit if off too.

I told Tatum to just keep being WHO YOU ARE and the right friends will come.


Covid, coziness, and a bit of craziness

The joy of family…yes…we just love being with them, right? It gets a little “crazy” when you add animals into the mix. Oh, and throw in some sickness, and you have lots of crazy.

The past few days, Tatum hasn’t felt too hot, and we finally tested her:

Oh, the poor girl. Now Doug and I are making sure we don’t get it, but this does mean a few days at home with our “cozy” family.

Little Woody continues to add to the cacophony of noise and sounds.

He continues to check out everything. Even the various birds he sees (virtual or not)

And then there’s church. We aren’t there physically due to the Tot being sick, but we do enjoy it from the comfort of our living room. Oh, the joy of family. Tot drawing, Coopy chewing, Woody singing, and Doug and I listening intently.

See how cozy we all are? Tot, Coopy and Woody. Family