Tot and Mommy gettin pretty

When we go to Geron, he always pretty’s us up! It was Tatum’s first time to get her hair washed and styled too!

Well, when we got home, we were a bit tired and grouchy. I was actually. She knew I needed a big hug. So she drew us together and gave me that needed hug and then some.

It worked because the rest of the night I was beaming with joy. Tot, you’re the best. And your hair is sure pretty too!

Arts alive! Getting fancy

It was time. It was time to graduate to mature materials and fancier paper.

My Sketchbook is so special to me because it has all of my drawings from years ago, so I can look back and remember the recoveries from my biggest mistakes! Good lessons there.

Well, I wanted Tatum to have quality paper and better pencils. The colored pencils and printer paper were just not cutting it, and the results were less than satisfying.

Last night I surprised her with new materials including Prismacolor pencils. The best!

I wrote a little note in the front cover:


She couldn’t stop drawing.

And into the morning. She begged to bring her book and pencils down to breakfast. She even didn’t realize she had apple slices in front of her! For Tatum, that is big. teehee.

To more adventures, sweet girl. I love watching you grow.

It all pays off

Why do we draw everyday? Why did I make sure she had an art cart?
It’s for moments like these.

Last night, we read about a little mouse named Tillie.

It’s about a curious little mouse who wondered why there was a wall next to their home. No other mouse really cared, but Tillie was determined to find out what was on the other side. For his determination, he was rewarded with new friends, experiences, and expanding his world.

Well, it also inspired Tatum to draw what she saw.

She stayed up late focused on getting it right. (She went through six pieces of printer paper). She was determined.

This inspired Tatum to draw other colorful pieces as well.

With her own style, I love watching it be watered every day.

Thank you Tillie for showing us tenacity and not giving up!


Doug and Tatum’s Time – Day 3

Our last day was to be the most exciting, we have the Science Center planned, afterwards some science projects, THEN we get to go home to Tot’s house to see Steph – Yay!!

We have some extra time before we need to leave so we decide to take up drawing with color pencils.  Fortunately, I have hundreds left over from past projects with Austin.


Look at these 4 drawings – Seriously wow! (I can’t show you mine because I would just embarrass myself.)

At the science center we were enamored with the pulley chair.  We pulled the rope through a series of pulleys each reducing the force to lift the char by half (ok, so we had an introduction to college physics, but heck she got the idea!).

Next, we went outside for a quick lesson in Fluid Mechanics how to get wet!!

Back at home we continued our science theme by making our own working Volcano with baking soda and vinegar.

As our time was winding down together it was easy to reflect on my time with Tatum (and missing Steph).  Tatum, you stole my heart these past days, oh yes you did!  It’s especially in the little things you do that your true character shines. Telling me you put your glass away just so that I would know it was done right. Giving me a hug in the same way that you do with your mom – heartfelt! YOU definitely make me feel special.  So my dear Tatum, you are a complete gift from God and our time together is always something I’ll truly value!   And to my Steph, you’re doing so so great with Tatum.  I can now FEEL why you’re exhausted by 8:30PM because TOT’s batteries rarely run low (which is a good thing).  I also missed you lots but with that comes perspective, I can see how hard you must work in your daily routine for one, but also I got to taste some of the JOY you feel by spending lots of uninterrupted time with Tatum. I love both of you guys…


Doug and Tatum’s Time – Day 2

In the morning we had oatmeal and got ready for our day.  Before we left, we made a “good morning” video for Steph – Hi Mommy!!! Then I dropped off Tatum at school for the morning so I could go to an appointment.  Wait, I need to make a lunch first (which included Steph’s world famous salmon which I made the day before).

After school, Tatum played with games that she retrieved from under the TV (she completely knows where I keep all of the toys and games by now).

Then she rode the antique tricycle.  Mind you this thing was never designed to be functional or even rideable but somehow she managed!

Next, a couple of errands.  We went to the pet store to buy crickets for Austin’s Leopard Geckos.  This was NOT a favorite activity but she was brave to hold the bag at the tippy top for a few seconds – EEEK!

Then we picked up garden supplies for our next project which was going to be a surprise for Mommy.  Once Steph told me she thought it would be nice if Tatum could try gardening.  So, we picked up SWEET Cherry Tomato plants (Steph’s favorite variety), a pot, and garden soil and we were ready!

After the dirt and the hard labor, it was bath time. We need cups, Tupperware, and of course some Pirates to play with Tot in the bath while I made dinner.

After dinner, we made good night videos for Mommy and Momma and called it a day – a very good day it was!

Doug and Tatum’s Time – Day 1

Steph had a business trip planned to North Carolina which meant that I had a great chance to hang out with Tatum for a long while, this this case for 2 ½ days!  I picked up Tatum Monday after work because Steph had to leave the next morning at 4AM. I’m pretty sure 4AM is not Steph’s optimal cognitive time of the day but somehow she made it to the airport!

Tatum and I arrived at my house!  She decided it would be fun to wear my hat – umm, ok!

That’s better, I can see you!

Well, the first order of business is to set-up her air mattress and bed. Then, surprise! Mommy packed a new set of PJ’s.  Very cool!

Whooo Loves You More Than Me?

Well, that’s gonna be a tossup between your Mom and me!

Later, when I went to bed, Tot had been out for a couple of hours.  I snapped this pic of her sleeping with “Austin the Bear”.  Cute!


So much love

Sundays are always a joy. We get to meet Doug for church, and all four of us enjoy the service. Tatum sings with us, and then she heads to her class.

I think I’m the most blessed girl in the world. I have an amazing mom, a beautiful, sweet phenomenal daughter, the perfect boyfriend (for me), and the best church for all of us.

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us.