Boo boos and recovery

Have you ever had a day where you couldn’t get a break?

Tot had one of those days.

First, we woke up at  double 00 early to take mama to the Dr. to get her knee checked. Tatum helped the Dr. out showing mama how to stretch out her legs.

Now do this mama:

After this, we headed out. Tatum was cold, so she wanted to stand outside. I was ready to take her when she headed full force into the window. Their side window looked so darn clean that it was clearly invisible. (no pun intended). I screamed and cried more than she did!
We got an ice pack and headed home.

Later that day, I had a meeting at GCU for brainstorming on curriculum and instruction. An hour long meeting for a two hour commute. Worth it? Hmmmm. I’m still wondering this.

Well, our dear friends Chelsea and her son Mason took Tatum to Sportball so she wouldn’t miss. She was in hog heaven riding in a fancy car seat in another’s car!

Apparently after class, they went to wash their hands, and some turf fell on Tatum’s finger. What!? When I picked her up she had a red and black bandaid with some character I cannot remember at the moment on it, but I do know it helped cheer her up.

We ended the day with no running, jumping, wiggling or hopping. I said we needed to just lay low and be. So we opted for a board game with mama to wind down the night.

Mom is recovering well, and Tatum? She fell asleep with a smile and a twinkle. I think she’ll be just fine.


The Eagle has landed

Father’s Day has arrived. Now, this day has not usually been my favorite holiday, honestly. However, this year, I wanted to celebrate a particular DAD who has shown love, patience, kindness, strength and long-suffering.

He embodies all that is good about being a dad.

I wanted to make something for him which would be significant and communicate this message. This is when the verse, Isaiah 40:31 came to me:
“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
    they shall walk and not faint.:

An eagle! So I got to work.

Slowly but surely it came together. Tatum encouraged me all along the way, and actually she made art with me as I persevered.

She wanted to make something for Doug, and a rainbow was just the ticket. A promise of good things to come!

The eagle finally landed and was ready to frame. I had to make sure the writing was just right. Painstakingly, I tried to line it up only to find out it was not so.

But I tried!

Then I framed it and voila…gave it to my Doug.

I think he liked! I know it was sure fun doing it. He is so patient, and has endured so much through these last few years with me especially. We needed to celebrate this and remind him that GOD HAS IT ALL in HIS HANDS. (or under His wings, I should say.

Happy Father’s Day!


Bye Bye VBS!

And thank you to a wonderful Friday!
Today, we learned more about the forgiveness that Jesus offers. Also, how God wants to have a relationship with all of us. He never leaves us! NEVER!

We made superstar sunglasses today to signify how important we are to HIM.

I have to say, being with the pre-K’ers all week really made me appreciate Tatum even more. She is a shining light even when she loses a bulb or two if you know what I mean.

The kiddos at camp were to raise money for kids in Jordan to have a VBS also. So they collected money all week. I’m anxious to hear how much was raised. Tot gave her share. She has a stash of quarters for “donations” she’s been saving.

It was a great week, truly. I pray the kids will never forget the message of Jesus.

We ended the day with a lesson and some crafts for a special Sunday coming up. 

VBS, skating, crafts, and lots of loving on others. I love you Tatum Isabella Knight.

Words mean things

Today was day 4 of VBS. Today was the day she would see (and relearn about) Jesus giving his life for us; it’s nothing new for her, but it is always good to see the reminder for our sins being forgiven.

It was a tough morning, however. Tatum had a few unkind words slip from her mouth, and the minute it happened, she couldn’t believe she said it. I couldn’t either, honestly.

But then I was reminded of the power of sin. Especially in a child; they impulsively say and do things, and we can’t be surprised when our little sinners do this. Even us, as believers, do things we aren’t proud of.

Tatum and I sat at a table at church, and she wept. I joined her!

ME: “Tatum, do you know why you said what you said?”

TOT: “No, mommy, but I’m so very sorry. ”

ME: “Well, Tatum you did because you, like me, are a sinner. Everyone is! We all make errors! Daily! BUT, Tatum, there is a way to be forgiven. And what does God do with our sin once we confess it to HIM and to the one hurt?”

TOT: “He drops it into the bottom of the ocean never to be seen again.”

ME: “Yes, darling.” We need this kind of forgiveness because we mess up, don’t we!?”

The sting didn’t go away. But, I think she is getting her need for Jesus.

There was a consequence for her unkind words, but I’ll tell you, she sure did repent.

Day by day, I learn more and more the need for the POWER of JESUS and the LOVE He has for us.



Checking in the kids

Tatum wanted to help check in the kiddos to church camp. She saw me do this in the morning when I volunteer.

She woke up early and ran back and forth from her room and back. Finally, she had a screen, some buttons (literally), and a car for a mouse.

She was ready!

She made sure all the kids were checked in!
Her little mind is always working. She creates SOMETHING from her imagination.

Vacation Bible School at SBC

The first day was TODAY!
Was Tot excited? She showed off her moves in the kitchen.

The theme is Galactic Starveyors.

The whole week is going to be celebrating God’s creation. Monday: The Creation Story, Tuesday: The Fall, Wednesday: Jesus came, Thursday: He died for our sins, Friday: How do we respond?

Today, Monday, I was on the team volunteering in the Preschool room. 20 little ones, yes.

Tot wanted to make sure baby had a place in the rocket! We are blasting off, ready for a great week.

As it says, God’s love is truly out of this world. Thank you Jesus for all the little ones!

Hey there, she’s Goofy!

This was her line today in the culmination of her Phoenix Theater camp week.

I received the invitation to join the fun today

She had one line:

And she learned the MICKEY Clubhouse song

Ready to go!
I showed up and received my program:

She entered….

Said her line and sang her self silly!

Then she waited while the older kiddos sang Hot Diggety

Finally, she ended with the song from Moana

What presence!
So proud of my Tot. She sure has confidence and poise up on stage.

This Minnie star is ready for her next show!