Happy 5th (Not yet!) Birthday (Party)

I’m not going to let her turn 5 yet. But, we’ll celebrate anyway. Her real birthday     is on November 22nd, but we got ahead of the festivities with family and friends at the train park on Friday the 17th. I had asked Tatum what theme she wanted and she had one word:


Well, ok then. Let’s make it “Paw”ty! That meant paw and doggie everything. Paw pads, paw stamps, paw pencils (these were party gifts)

Ok, back to the start. Mom bought her a Paw Patrol shirt for the party.  Paw Patrol became more of the theme. 

I headed over early to set up with Bianca’s (her sitter) help. Doug dropped off the PAW balloons (25 of these babies….blown up thanks to Dougie!)

All started coming about 4, but right before, Tot, mom and Doug showed up with cake in hand. Mom made (from scratch!)  the cutest cake with Paw Patrol Rings all around. 

Tatum took off to play with her buddies and we all just hung at the Ramada.

She did come back for a snack or two,

but she was more interested in playing with her friends from school, Alice, Carly, and Chloe. Ethan, Jack, Vivian, and Adrianna joined us. A few of my friends came to celebrate too.

Finally, it was time to cut the cake!

Hi Susan!

and Shannon! (with Vivi)Hi Kyle!

My favorite mom!

My favorite guy..

My sweet Tot.. I can’t get enough of you.

It was time to have a little train time. Cana took our pic (thanks Cana!) I just realized she is not in any pics. OOPS!

We headed home to open gifts and figure out the system for organizing them (that’s my OCD showing)

Wow. It only has just begun. There will be more to come on Wednesday. I’m so grateful to our family and friends. We love you little Tatum Tot!!!




Every Sunday, my dear mother tries to get us all to wear the same colors.

Par Example:

Well, this Sunday, Tot and I wore our pretty burgundy, and mom did not even go. (She broke her toe! Sad face) So Tot and I took our pics and posed in front of the almost decorated Christmas tree. We missed mom.

First Tot…

Then add me!

We then  thought of the fun we are going to have this week with her birthday!

Then, when we got to church to meet Doug, he was wearing a matching shirt. Awwwwww…isn’t that the cutest…yeah mommy, whatever!



Yes, whatever!

Happy Sunday! (The last Sunday of the 4’s) Happy/Sad face. 

Petting Zoo Bravery

Saturday, we had the blessing of joining Tatum’s friend Carly for her birthday party. They had a petting zoo in their front driveway for the celebration. Yes. Seriously.
Tatum had NO desire to visit the six goats,  three chickens, three ducks a waddling, or two bunnies. Based on her past experience in petting zoos, I wasn’t surprised, but I tried to get her in there!

It took her little buddy, Caleb (from her Kinder class), to drag her in there and hand her a chicken. 

Next thing you know it, she’s all over the bunnies!

See mom!!!

I did not enter since it was for the kiddos, but this goat did want to be with me. He was not interested in what was going inside the pen, but instead, what was going on outside.

Say Cheese!


This innocent little stool looks all white and cute.

But did you know it has an evil side?

It closes and opens and ……

when you’re daughter is holding it, you should probably let her have it.

It decided to eat her finger.

This caused much screaming followed by crying. She cried too.

I’m so sorry love bug. It will feel better.

Flopsy, Mopsy, and SugarCube?

We are kind of obsessed with toilet paper rolls. Did you ever think they could transform into your favorite animals or vehicles?


This is getting ridiculous between chickens, dogs, bunnies and cars.

The bunny gang, Flopsy, Mopsy, and SugarCube join in the family.

Bring them up in how they should go

Rules for Coti: Don’t get in the cabinets. (even though it’s hard and your delightful morsels are inside).

But it’s hard, MOM!

Sniffing is only going to tempt you. Walk away! Does he……..????

Such is living when things get hard. You press on and when you’re tempted, you pray and walk away!!

Tatum and I decided to make a mission statement for the Knight Family since our lives need direction. God also gave us a rule book (BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), so why not make some rules taken from the Bible to post?

So we started with Mission Statement. Love had to be the foci. Right?


All stems from LOVE with Jesus. Love God. Love People. Pretty simple.

Then onto the rules.

Tatum and I talked about each one, and then made up a way to remember them. (We added some sub text you can see on the list)

  1. Forgive: 
  2. Be Brave 
  3. Be Kind
  4. Keep Your Promises
  5. Work Hard
  6. Help Others
  7. Trust God 
  8. Never Give Up
  9. Honor Your Elders
  10. Be Grateful 
  11. Tell the Truth

And so it is

We lift these up to you, Lord, and we seek your wisdom in fulfilling your desires for us.

Friday appreciating our Veterans and Chopping

We our proud to live in the USA, and so proud of our Veterans.

We both did not sleep well last night, but we figured we’d have some fun today. It was a special day off for Tot being the day before Veteran’s Day. Tatum made signs for her wall.

Then we hit the aquarium to see how our favorite turtles were doing. It turned out we got to see the sloth climbing. Apparently it takes him a couple hours to scale his ceiling as he moves like a ……sloth! Hey!

It ended up that we saw our turtles, but missed taking pics. He, Charley, our new buddy, did not want to be on camera today. Plus, honestly, we just wanted to rest today.

We came home and….Batgirl and I played with Coti, decorated the tree with lights, and then…..

played….. Chopped. Yep. She and I watched Chopped Jr., and Tatum decided to join the fun. During the show, she brought out basically her whole kitchen and got to work chopping, sautéing, and plating.

She chops….

She stands back and wonders….

hmmmm…what spice does it need???

She makes a plan B just in case.

She has got it!!! Ready for the tasting:

I was impressed with her concoction and laughed out loud at her wit.  What a great “quiet” day with my Tot.

Thank you again to the servants of our great nation.