President’s Day to celebrate

We have a great little picture biography book about Abraham Lincoln. It paints a wonderful picture of Abe as a boy and growing up to care about justice and freedom for ALL. He fought for rights that all men are created equal.

Therefore, we decided to celebrate him today with a little drawing.

So his ears are a bit big, but Tatum wanted to stress the fact that he HEARS us and our cries. Ahhhh, of course.

Mom was going to take us to Nordstrom’s for lunch, so this meant we had to pass by the shoes. Doesn’t everyone!?

Lunch was delightfully delectable, but the inevitable was about to occur.

That’s right… we got ready for our next adventure, and guess where we headed next?
To the dentist for her check up.

She was a bit nervous since she has still been sucking her fingers. The dentist had warned her that she would be inserting a “container” (Tatum called it this as opposed to “retainer”) into her mouth.

She figured if she looked cool, all would be Ok. They gave her these awesome specs so as no to get sugar buddies in her eyes.

Do you know what we saw???? Her new teeth coming in!

Here is the bottom..
And the top…

They’re looking a little crooked, no? She says kids are getting braces as young as 7!!! I was 12!

Then, I asked what the going rate was for teeth from the tooth fairy these days. For me, it was a shiny new quarter. The going rate ranges, but some parents are giving 20 buckeroos!! Seriously. Really.

We will just cross that bridge when we come to it.

She had no wiggles and did a great job being a still patient! Very proud of her. And as for the “container?” She is going to have us hold off and continue painting with the nasty tasting Mavala. (Lucky gal!)

We got home and headed around the block a few times to get out those dormant wiggles.

This President’s Day was filled with adventures and joy. (No container….Hooray!)

Cough cough cough cough cough…

x 100! in a minute and then again in the next minute.

She has had this cough for a week, but it usually subsides by the afternoon. Yet, no sleep for her or me much this week. I have tried salt spray, steam showers, humidifier, cough syrup, lozenges, Vicks, prayer, rain dance (ok, maybe not that) …… You name it.

Nothing has WORKED!!!!! I’m at my wit’s end and Tatum? Well, she is too. She even begged me to go the doctor. We headed to the urgent care since there was a wait to see her ped.

We arrived, and she remembered the last time we went. It was this:

She told the receptionist all about it.

So we waited and colored.

Then, the cough arrived.

My poor bumby!! GO away you nasty cough thingy!!

So we got in and they told us she had bronchospasm and a bit of upper respiratory infection. Steroids, inhaler, antibiotics, Claritin, and breathing treatments.

She had good spirits, that’s for sure. She played Dr. with me as we awaited the MACHINE.

Here it issssssss…….. Now we must really make it fun as we sit for 5 and breeeeeaaaattthhhheeee.

This did help, and I think she’s going to be OK after all of these drugs. Aye.

She made me a happy picture while I tripped to the pharmacy.

My little love bug. May the cough be NOT with you.


Hearts and Planets?

We HAD to make something for our Ms. V and Coach Matt!!! Why? Because we love love love Tot’s teachers.

Then, after school, Tatum, mom and I went to the Planetarium at the Science Center. Now, one might wonder why this day was chosen? Well, because it was a perfect day to spend time together!

Baby came too.

We learned so much in this tour of the Solar System. Takeaways? The sun gets hotter, like 10 million degrees, at the core and Pluto is not a planet as of 2006. It is more like a star that has shrunk. But, it does have a shadow formation on it that looks eerily like Mickey’s doggie, Pluto. Who knew?

We walked back to our car in pouring rain which made getting ready for Doug take much longer.

We got home and played games….. Spending time with Mama too.

Doug took me out and got me this perty ring to match my necklace. SO kind and thoughtful. What a doll he is.

A truly LOVING day.

Being small is the new big

She walks off the field with her nose all runny from allergies.

Then she says it.

I’m too small.

I’m the littlest one out there.

So, later that night, when we were snuggling on her bed, I found it to be the right time to tell her something.

“You know what, Tatum? You are right you are the smallest one. I was always the smallest too. I understand. But you know what? You’re the kindest one out there too. And you know what else? You’re running your BIG heart out and your trying your best. That is what matters.”

“When I was small like that I was determined to work harder than everyone and do my best, Taties.”

I continued, “What size you are…what color you are…what you look like: All is unimportant. What is important is what is inside. ”

I gently touched her heart.

“And you know what? Your heart is HUGE and your love is HUGE. That is what I see. That is what God sees. And THAT is what makes you BIG. You are so deeply loved.”

She smiled.

“And remember as it says on your wall….: Let your light shine. You, Tatum Knight, were created for a purpose.”

Glancing at her wall, I finished, “Now, does God want you to try your best or give up and quit?”

Tatum replied, “He wants me to try my best and not give up.”

“I love you my sweet girl. You keep being you. If someone doesn’t like it or tells you differently, you walk away and find a new friend. Be the friend you want to have.”


Sweetie Pie Sport Day

We arrived at skating and Tatum was a different person. She was so funny and also so agreeable. Not challenging me in everything if you know what I mean.
When Grant showed up, she had fun with him and skated with ease. It was a sight to see. We are inspired to watch the Winter Olympics now.

It would be soccer time in a few hours.

We arrived, and she wanted to kick with me. Then, the coaches showed, and she was off.

Now, here is what I noticed. Many of the girls were caddy and rude to each other. I watched a few girls treat Tatum unkindly. They wouldn’t be her partner and she just stood there really quite unaffected but I could tell she was surprised.. She did not react badly or let it bother her. The coach merely came up and paired her with someone.

Then the lady coach approached me: “I just wanted to tell you that Tatum has improved immensely. She listens. She observes, takes her time, then executes.”

Now, mind you, the coach does not approach other parents hardly ever. I felt so special. She also said, “She’s a sweetheart; so kind to the other girls.”

She kicked it in and was told ‘good job.’

Even if she’s not playing, she’s running and doing her best.

The biggest takeaway I have of the day is Tatum seems to RISE ABOVE the girl petty stuff. She doesn’t allow the riff-raff to affect her, and she seems more mature in that way than the others. Sure she is smaller, but her personality makes up for it in spades. Kindness; even when others are not. We talk about that ALL the time. It’s how Jesus would act.

She told me on the way home, “Mommy, I’m so glad you are my mommy. You are my biggest gift.”


I’m so proud of her. I love you SWEET girl.

Sharing is Caring

Rushing around this morning, I was a bit clumsy.

I had a meeting early, so I had to drop Tot off at school early.

So, I had her oatmeal all ready, but as I took out my oatmeal, it went all over the floor. Like I had so much time to clean it up! I was glad it wasn’t her’s. But, she protested. She helped me clean and then…..

Mommy, you can have half of mine. Sharing is caring, mommy!

Wow. Really? I told her that was ok, but she started to just spoon her oatmeal into my bowl. For Tatum, the food lover of the world, this was huge!

Thank you Tatum Tot.

I love you sweet girl. My tummy was happy because of you. My heart too.

We make it fun

Whether it’s eating…..

Ok, so this is my current specialty. (Scary that my specialties have been reduced to culinary delights). Oatmeal is our daily brekkie, and I love to give it pizazz. Sugar free chocolate chips surround the whipped cream cross. Would Jesus find this sacrilegious? Well, Tatum would find it delicious.

And then we make homework fun…..

Today, she got to write her numbers 1-50, so we started by making ice cream cones and then we added sprinkles.

We then counted the numbers down as we counted.  Perhaps it would have been better if we licked a real ice cream cone  as we counted?

And who could forget Coti watching!

Whatever Tatum and I do, we have fun. That is what our Terrific Tuesdays are all about.