Sermons, Starbucks, Stories, Signatures, Swimming, and Snuggles.

Today, Sunday, was an extra special day. Not only did we visit my dearest friend, Bobby’s new church, but we had some great conversation.

Dr. Bobby Brewer, Tatum’s Godfather, has just become lead pastor at North Chapel in Fountain Hills. It’s a quaint little local church right in the heart of the town. Honestly, it’s truly an intimate gathering with raw solid Biblical teaching. Amazing. Tatum sang with me, and then she went into the little room with three other children. Bobby is using God’s gifts that he’s been given, ministering to the town, and I think, starting a revival of foundational followers. Also, he’s ministering to the Native Americans who all need Jesus so deeply. His message, being on Nehemiah 8, was all about us starting a revival within ourselves by reading our Bibles and not giving up; not letting this “world” get to us, but rather be lights. If we are going to judge, we should be searching within ourselves what we need to repent.  Very good.

After filling our hearts, it was time to fill our bellies with some coffee, treats, and conversation with the Tot and Mama. Tatum enjoyed some coconut chips and a tall water, and we all enjoyed listening to Tatum tell a story about John and Dino. (Oh, yes, John, Dino, and Bella are her kids, and they are always the stars of her stories) I just bought her a new book (she now has FOUR Bible story books. Help me Jesus…make me stop!) and we have been reading it, so somehow parts of Nehemiah, Noah, and Jeremiah sometimes get strewn throughout her stories. 61HupuFtaOL._AC_US320_QL65_


IMG_3806After many minutes of randomness and me reminding her that a conversation requires her to ask questions and listen also, we headed home. But first, she had to say goodbye to everyone in the store. Why is she so social at times, and at others, she is so shy? Example: at church, “Hi Tatum so nice to meet you.” Silence and staring (at times). I remind her to look into the person’s eyes and say, “thank you; so nice to meet you too!” Ugh…

Since she was on a roll telling me stories, I thought she could draw a bit as we started our “lessons” on our letters. While I was up for a minute, I returned to her brilliant drawing. She was busy drawing legs on the “lady.”IMG_3808

I asked her if her legs came out of her face. She laughed and decided to draw arms too. Why not!?


I hope it wasn’t me, but if it was, I need to grow my hair out a bit because I seem to be balding.

Anyhoo, we’ve been practicing her name. I can do it myself! This is her mantra. Yes, I know Tatum, but let me show you where the letters go. Whenever we practice her name, she puts the letters all over the place. So we are practicing left to right. Ok…we are getting there.

Swimming came later for my little fish. However, the serendipity of this whole day was the snuggling that came at the end of the day. For me, this is the best part. Sundays truly are the best day of the week, and this one, in particular, made me smile and feel like the most grateful girl in the whole world.

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