Homeward bound!

We missed you Mama!
Tot and I headed to the hospital to pick up Mama. Tatum was so helpful when we first got there.

She wanted to carry things and help her around. It was very sweet.

She also knew Mama had a cookie for her, so that didn’t hurt!
Tatum got to go for a ride; A bonus for sure.

When we got home, it was time to gather all the needs for Mama so she was comfortable. The first thing was the meds. Gotta have those pain killers FOR SURE!
Walgreen’s was not ready for a while, so we had to play in the store. Nothing like making the best of  waiting!

So what did we do? Boogied of course.

Did we care if we had an audience?

That’s a NOPE.

All in all, it was a smooth transition home. We only pray Mama can get back to walking very soon!

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