Words mean things

Today was day 4 of VBS. Today was the day she would see (and relearn about) Jesus giving his life for us; it’s nothing new for her, but it is always good to see the reminder for our sins being forgiven.

It was a tough morning, however. Tatum had a few unkind words slip from her mouth, and the minute it happened, she couldn’t believe she said it. I couldn’t either, honestly.

But then I was reminded of the power of sin. Especially in a child; they impulsively say and do things, and we can’t be surprised when our little sinners do this. Even us, as believers, do things we aren’t proud of.

Tatum and I sat at a table at church, and she wept. I joined her!

ME: “Tatum, do you know why you said what you said?”

TOT: “No, mommy, but I’m so very sorry. ”

ME: “Well, Tatum you did because you, like me, are a sinner. Everyone is! We all make errors! Daily! BUT, Tatum, there is a way to be forgiven. And what does God do with our sin once we confess it to HIM and to the one hurt?”

TOT: “He drops it into the bottom of the ocean never to be seen again.”

ME: “Yes, darling.” We need this kind of forgiveness because we mess up, don’t we!?”

The sting didn’t go away. But, I think she is getting her need for Jesus.

There was a consequence for her unkind words, but I’ll tell you, she sure did repent.

Day by day, I learn more and more the need for the POWER of JESUS and the LOVE He has for us.



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