Bye Bye VBS!

And thank you to a wonderful Friday!
Today, we learned more about the forgiveness that Jesus offers. Also, how God wants to have a relationship with all of us. He never leaves us! NEVER!

We made superstar sunglasses today to signify how important we are to HIM.

I have to say, being with the pre-K’ers all week really made me appreciate Tatum even more. She is a shining light even when she loses a bulb or two if you know what I mean.

The kiddos at camp were to raise money for kids in Jordan to have a VBS also. So they collected money all week. I’m anxious to hear how much was raised. Tot gave her share. She has a stash of quarters for “donations” she’s been saving.

It was a great week, truly. I pray the kids will never forget the message of Jesus.

We ended the day with a lesson and some crafts for a special Sunday coming up. 

VBS, skating, crafts, and lots of loving on others. I love you Tatum Isabella Knight.

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