Homeward bound!

We missed you Mama!
Tot and I headed to the hospital to pick up Mama. Tatum was so helpful when we first got there.

She wanted to carry things and help her around. It was very sweet.

She also knew Mama had a cookie for her, so that didn’t hurt!
Tatum got to go for a ride; A bonus for sure.

When we got home, it was time to gather all the needs for Mama so she was comfortable. The first thing was the meds. Gotta have those pain killers FOR SURE!
Walgreen’s was not ready for a while, so we had to play in the store. Nothing like making the best of  waiting!

So what did we do? Boogied of course.

Did we care if we had an audience?

That’s a NOPE.

All in all, it was a smooth transition home. We only pray Mama can get back to walking very soon!

The Bee’s Knees and Theater Camp

This is what we are hoping and praying for. The Bee’s Knees means “the height of excellence,” and with Mama having her hemi-knee replacement today, we can only pray for this!

We arrived about 6:30am to welcome her into surgery with a prayer. I happened to know the anesthesiologist. His daughter was a student of mine about 10 years ago. Crazy! This was a wink from God, I believe, to make sure she had more comfort before going in.

Tot and I waited while the surgery went on. We made jewelry.

Then, it was time for Tatum to go to her first day of Theater camp at Phoenix Theater. It’s a week long 1/2 day camp filled with Disney-themed activities.

I dropped her off and headed back to the hospital to see how Mama was doing. She came up with flying colors yet groggy.

I picked up Tot and found her coloring. Stay tuned for more about camp as the week goes on.

Like the small shirt?

Looks like a great day!
So we headed to visit Coti since he is in a hotel for a few days while Mama recovers.

Hi Snuggles!

During lunch, we practiced our phonics. Mama would be proud.  We did this on her knee pamphlet. Hope she doesn’t mind!


We headed back to the hospital so Tot could see Mama and to put out a couple of fires.

We are aiming for the Bee’s Knees, right! So we are on top of all  the fires.

HI Mama!

I think she’s going to be fine. Praying for her return home tomorrow!

Tatum and I really enjoyed hanging out tonight. We sillied it up and enjoyed the quiet house as we made it loud! Weird without snuggles and Mama, but we know they’ll all be home soon.
Love you, Mama. You are and have the Bee’s knees!


First Ice Skating Lesson GRANTED!

We couldn’t wait to get to the ice. First, I was going to pick up my new ice skates thanks to my wonderful mom. They are so fancy!

Tatum had her first lesson with GRANT! Private lesson guy extraordinaire. (We met him on my birthday). He has been ice skating forever, worked with Ice Capades, and just perfect for Tot.

We arrived early so we could get our skates, check out the ice and socialize with the peeps. You know…get all cozy in our new dig.

We spotted Grant and it was an instant connection.

Let’s do this!

He told her than when she felt like she was going to fall, touch her knees.

Now, the whole time, I was circling on my skates and trying not to peak. But, hey, wouldn’t you!?


Go Tot!! 

After, she was tired, but exhilarated! Just like I was. She wants to do it again, and I say OK!!! (Then I get to skate too, so it’s a win win)

We’ll see you soon, Grant.

First June Friday abuzzin’

It was to be a full day. I had a meeting scheduled at 10am, and I had to make sure Tatum was busy during my Zoom virtual conference. Originally, I had tried to sign her up for Sportball, but they were full. School was apparently not open today as well.

Early this morning, I found out that the school was open, so I asked Tatum if I could have her go for just the morning. She adamantly said, “No thank you!”

So, the morning then carried on as usual.  I gave her the surprise I do every Friday morning after a night of class.

She wanted to know his name, so she checked the key.

I was about to read his name when she said, “I’ll do it!!”

B   U  Z   Z   BUZZ!

She sounded it out herself! WOW!! My little reader.  So proud of her.

Then, as usual, we took out the snuggle bug (Coti). This was not usual.

Right in front of our driveway. Lying dead (thank you Jesus!), he freaked us out!!!

What else did we have in store for the morning?

Well, since she wasn’t going to school, we headed to the gym early so I could be home for my conference call. We stopped at Einstein’s and breakfasted together. Then, she said it.

“Mommy, do you know why I did not want to go to school today? Two reasons. Number one: we had plans today and I wanted to be with you.

Number two: I wanted to be with you all day

Number two again: I love you.”


So, now we are home and I’m getting ready to log on.

She hung with the snuggles while I worked.

Later, we are to head to the rink for a skating lesson. We both can’t wait! Stay tuned.

Dance Recital 2017

Every single Wednesday since August of 2016, Tot has been going to Tap and Ballet at Conservatory of Dance with Miss Leah!
Today was the recital, and oh was she excited.

It has been eight months of classes which have not always been the smoothest. There’s been tears, fears, frustrations and falls. There’s been attitudes, no thank you’s, and not todays. BUT, she has powered through.

I would sit and watch her on the screen and beam with pride knowing that she had it in her.

And then…picture day, she shined.

The dress is sparkly and exquisite. Just like her.

Today, in Dress Rehearsal, she couldn’t wait to get on stage. No fears, no tears, no attitude. Just poise and pride in her hard work.


She was set to perform 13th in the early show. I say LUCKY 13!

“A You’re Adorable”

Doug and Mama sat behind me cheering! he tickets went fast, so we had to split up.

There she is..the little Tot; 4th from the left.

After, Doug graced her with his presence with a beautiful bouquet.

Now that is awesome. 

We are so proud of you, Tatum.


On the way home, she begged me to take ballet again next year. “I love ballet mommy!”

So, you may see a post in 2018! Stay tuned. I love you, my sweet girl.


First Bee Sting

Glad that first is over with!
At the pool today, that nasty bee got in her way and he did not like it. He made it known on her hand.

I got the stinger out and she cried on me for about 5 minutes. Then, that brave girl of mine got right back in the pool. Brave.

This was a perfect time to give her her new goodie: A pink perfectly chilling water bottle just TOT size.

This baby has two lids. One for sipping and one that is for sucking out of a straw. See?

TADA! The remedy was just right

Mommy’s turn

It’s always hard to leave Tot to go out with friends, go to work, or go out with Doug. Can you see this face?


Tonight was especially hard for her because she knew I was getting to celebrate my birthday with Doug and it was truly for the adults.

But, I was excited because Doug and I had not had a chance to get all dolled up in  awhile, and I knew he had some stuff up his lovely shirt sleeve. Nice shirt eh?
I just love this shirt on Doug!

We headed to our destination, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, and sat down at the bar before our table was ready.

The table was all fancied up for my birthday. So nice!

Then….it began. The journey of his love to me. He presented this beautiful clipboard filled with a story of a boy and girl.

It was the kindest thing I have ever received from anyone. Not only kind, but so incredibly heartfelt and personal. Also beautiful! The letter started with a story and then stopped in the middle for him to share a memory “stone” with me. He got me this delicate crystal heart with our names engraved on it to memorialize Easter 2017; a pivotal day in our relationship. WOW!

Dinner was served! Filet, veggies, sashimi…DELISH!


After this (actually during since I couldn’t wait!), he finished the interactive letter with the PROMISE. A beautiful RING to remind each other that our love is forever. Infinity!

Seriously so beautiful! And …. I just can’t stop looking at it.


What a memorable night. I felt like a princess as I always do with Doug. He made my birthday so special!

The journey continues, and love endures. I love you honey.