How can you possibly love a pair of shoes? I mean, they go on your feet and they walk on the ground. The ground!

I guess that is exactly why you should love your shoes. You walk on your feet all day long, and if your feet are happy, you tend to be quite content.

This is exactly how Tot and I feel about these crazy shoes called Dawgz. (I like to call her’s Puppyz!)

First, we got one pair and now it’s growing.

They are therapy for your feet, seriously.

Today, I gave Tot a new pair for her Friday surprise. She loved them so much she gave them a bath, treating them like a true pet.

Now not only are her feet content but quite clean!


A Final Fun Frivolous Friday, Fish and all

Starting next week, Tatum’s and my fun day will be moved to Tuesday. The big reason? Show ‘n’ tell takes place EVERY Friday. How can I deny my child a chance to bring in her fabulous stories accompanying some showcased item? I couldn’t live with myself. Monday is PE, Wed is music, and Thursday is chapel, so Tuesday seemed perfect. Notice, I’m not focused so much on her academics. (she gets enough of that with mom and me). Socially, she could benefit from the showing and telling, connecting with her classmates. Especially since she leaves at noon each day, whereas the other students stay till 3:00.

So, with that, we decided to hit the art cart, add a little salt to our project, and we have a winner. Salt, you ask? Well, first, we read the wonderful You be You book. It’s full of colorful various fish, no one alike.

We took a black pastel and drew a fish! (on watercolor paper)

Then it was time to paint the water with watercolors

We sprinkled salt to get that ocean effect

She pointed out that she drew this puffer fish.

Now let’s design the fish!

Here he is! Colorful, isn’t it?


Now a quick bit of homework. Take your time Tot. She likes to rush!

Do your best we always say!

Now, it’s off to see Grant. She adores him.

Bonus: I get to whirl around as well. She starts with her hands up, then..



and now TADA!

He was so proud of her, she got a HIGH FIVE! She is really improving every week.

I’m proud of her as well. What a fun Friday.

I love being with you, Tot!

30 stamps

That = 30 hours of Sportball. I’ve been collecting our stamps every week for quite a while now.

Well, guess what she earned with these stamps?

No, not your own coach, silly, although borrowing Coach Ryan or Coach Stephen would be handy.

A jersey! A bit big, but it adorns this little Tot body with pride.

We love Sportball.

The tube transformation

How can I build anticipation to a fun way to transform a roll from paper towels?

How about making race car built for little people. And I mean real little people. Seriously?

Yes, and again, I was not the mastermind behind these (as you can see my computer setup with the directions)

First, we painted the tubes.

Then it was time to make the wheels

Ok. Now we wait for the drying process to put the wheels on

Take some brads and connect

Add little Lego guys

You have yourself a racecar folks!

Chickens and Crosses

The art cart is producing many a project!
I wanted to try using paper plates as a canvas. Throw in some paint and feathers, and you’ve got a …….

chicken? Ok. sure.

Then, today, we worked on a forgiveness lesson. After we learned a verse: “The Lord is gracious and compassionate,
    slow to anger and rich in love.” (Psalm 145:8)

I put some tape on some watercolor paper in the shape of a cross. Then we went to town water-coloring all over it!



No peaking yet!

Then I removed the tape and a WHITE cross was revealed. Every time she sees this cross she is reminded that we are forgiven and our sins are washed away clean and white as snow.

Now, we can live in gratitude and model this kind of forgiveness to others.

Presenting Tatum’s Art Cart!

This idea has been percolating in my head for weeks now. Pinterest definitely made it come altogether. I wanted a one-stop place for all of her art supplies so they were available at anytime and accessible. Plus, in sight, in mind. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

First, I wanted to have more space for us to do art together, so I purchased one more table to make a large square. (Thank you, Doug for constructing!)

It was time to unveil level by level.

First, the bottom:

What is under there??

Paper of all kinds! Cardstock of all colors, pastel paper, watercolor paper, white paper, construction paper, stencils, origami, and some drawing books.

Now let’s add a shelf.

Then we unveiled the second level.

Paints of all kinds from dot paints to watercolors. Then chalk pastels, oil pastels and other what-nots like pipe cleaners, cupcake holders, pompoms, clothes pins, stickers, and fancy washi tape.

And finally…….the top!!!

What do we have here? Any kind of marker you can imagine from Sharpies, Mr. Sketch, Crayola colors (various tips), tape, glue and glue sticks, popsicle sticks, paint brushes of all sizes, and of course scissors, q-Tips, hole punchers, brads and the ever so popular glitter glue. I’m sure I’m missing something but you get the picture. It’s stocked!

We’ll just add that to the top and screw it in.

Now, the fun little accoutrements. Little containers that are magnetized and filled with all kind of gems. Sparkles, letters, and plastic parts to add to paper and crafts.

Ta da!

I’m taller than it, Mommy!

It’s ready for action now.

We each have a plastic tray on which to work.

And now we are ready with our watercolor paper and paint brushes.

She decided to practice a bunny.

We did not finish our project so we parked the art cart in the corner for later.

She played with it all day, and tomorrow? We will figure out what to do now that we are truly stocked and prepared.

The tallest of smalls

When I picked up Tatum from school on Monday, two little girls were playing right next to Tatum. The two little girls seemed to be playing with a baby doll. They apparently named her Tatum.

As I approached Tatum, she seemed sad. She said that the two little girls were calling her a baby. I told Tatum that it was probably the baby they were playing with, so she asked them. The girls said, “No, it’s you that is a baby. Why are you in this class anyway?”

My mother claws came out. WWWHHHHAAAAT did you say to my child!? But I did not say that. I said, “Do you think that is kind?”

I told the girls she belonged in the class right with them and maybe they should be kinder.

I then spoke to Ms. V. She mentioned that she’d chat with the little girls.

When I got home that night, I encouraged Tatum that her little self was huge with a beautiful heart and tremendous might. I then read her this book

It’s a great book by Max Lucado about not the size of the person but what is inside that matters as this boy was reminded by Jesus.

Later that week, the two girls apologized to me and they all played together. No matter either way because Tatum can truly hold her own. I’m proud of the way she handled it anyway. She was kind back no matter how it went down. That is all that I can ask.