Counting up!

How many stairs DO we have? Well, why not find out the old fashioned way? Let’s number them. It’s a fun way to learn her number and get some exercise in as well. (for me that is; someone has to put them on the steps!)IMG_1131 IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1136 IMG_113717. We needed to get to 20, so we made a road to her room.

Day Three of the KAOS!

IMG_3383 IMG_3381It’s getting less chaotic as we settle into this new routine. Our refrigerator and microwave sit in our dining room, and leaves about one foot by one foot of counter space. Putting ANYTHING on the dining room table is taboo, so, food is made in “piecemeal” parts. I’m learning to use more shaker bottles for my shakes, store-bought hard boiled eggs and hummus, and of course tons of fruit and veggies. The dishes go in a yellow bucket and get carried off to the shower for a spray and soap-down. Climbing over various boxes and crates is the challenge, especially when holding Tatum. 
The kitchen now is completely gutted and ready to be…..Lord only knows!?IMG_3391 IMG_3390 IMG_3389One day at a time…my mantra. We have food, shelter and family. The chaos is purely in the mind of the beholder. 🙂