Coti, Jesus is Calling!

Coti was held captive by Tatum’s reading of Jesus Calling, my devotional.

He did not really have a choice, so he decided to just listen. It’s a good thing she read the one about how all dogs go to heaven. IMG_2835Or did she just make that up?

Coti, where are you?

Tatum and I searched all over for the little guy? Where did he go?
Then, I see this two eyes peering from under her bed. He would not come out!?

Sometimes, the ringtone on my phone text scares him, and I thought the new one was safe (it’s a choo-choo train), but apparently not!

Tatum crawled under her bed to comfort him.

Then she figured she’d stay under there with him and her baby.



Now, I have two rug rats under there. HELP!IMG_2795



It’s been pretty awesome to have my first born hang with me lately. He’s been sleeping in my room, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

IMG_0070However, I think the best part is the fact that Tatum loves Coti so much. She being an “only” has produced some anxiety for me lately, I must admit. But she loves playing with him and throwing the ball. They play catch the ball and have the cutest camaraderie.  I even saw her compassionate side poke out as Coti had to go to the Dr. for his foot. Supposedly he has allergies (like the rest of us), and he needed to eat more broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkin in his food. Seriously? She said also to never give him garlic, onion, or grapes. Sure… I’ll watch the dog’s spaghetti sauce intake with a side of luscious grapes!?

IMG_0091Anyway she loved on him like her own little brother. AND SHE EVEN let him wear her Minnie barrette! Now that is love.

IMG_0112Love these two cuddle bugs.






The Siblings

Tossing the green squeaky alligator, Tatum feels victorious with Coti catching it and running to get it. IMG_5573

Coti only seems to drop it for Tatum. With everyone else, it’s keep away. Lucky girl!IMG_5577

Can a 20 month old be that powerful?

When it comes to overtaking my heart, Yes. When it comes to overtaking my heart as it breaks while she tests me, Yes. When it comes to overtaking my heart as it breaks as she CONTINUES to test me and I have to enforce tough discipline, Yes.

Why is it so hard? Because, my sweet compliant child all of a sudden transforms into an unrecognizable little _____. Then, I am faced with what do I do right now?  Impulsively, I want to do something un-pretty and (maybe a bit) painful to her. My transformation becomes immediate as well. No longer am I the sweet silly mommy, but now, I turn into “THE ENFORCER.” The hard part is seeing her enjoy being a ____. This occurred after 4 timeouts upon not doing what I asked her to do and then throwing what I asked her not to throw. Eventually, she did what I asked and she, upon prompting, said she was sorry, and I gave her the biggest hug and kiss. Back to fun mommy. Over.

This scenario gave me ANOTHER reason why I’m so happy I’m with her more. It allows me to balance the fun with the necessary molding and shaping.

For example, this morning she had a blast taking babies for a ride in her shopping cart.



Then we went to church and PetSmart. She wanted to get Coti a toy, so she picked the PiggieIMG_1969 IMG_1970 IMG_1971 IMG_1972

Very happy little guy after that, although the squeaker broke after about 30 squeaks, 15 minutes later. No wonder it was in the clearance box.

Whatever prompted the “occurrence de la testing” is unknown. She will continue to try to press her power buttons and find mine, but we will come through. With Jesus help! Amen.


What is it about balls?

My friend Jocelyn and I used to sneak into her brother David’s room and listen to an AC/DC song which pronounced, “I’ve got big balls…” This now has become the theme of my life with now Coti and  Tatum. She has now graduated to her own big blue ball (from a mini rubber one), and it is driving Coti batty.

At Fry’s today, I decided to buy her a ball since I thought it would be fun to play with it in the park. We walked by an enormous bin of multi-colored BIG soft plastic balls, and Tatum yelped, “BALL! BALL! BALL!” My master plan was to purchase one, so she chose the blue one. Sadly, she had to learn the concept of ‘to wait til we get home to play with the large blue ball.’

Success! UNTIL…………..
IMG_4770 IMG_4771 IMG_4772IMG_4773 IMG_4775

Coti saw this ball.


He could not grip this one, and so this challenge became his obsession. This BIG BLUE BALL became the bone of contention (no pun intended), so the lesson in whose ball is whose was the lesson upstairs. Eventually, Tatum gave up and grabbed her old mini rubber ball brought it to me, and proceeded to bring me more baseballs from mom’s collection. Not good. I’ve created ball monsters.

What is it about BALLS???

Reunited Part 2: The day off

Tatum and me. Just the two of us all day long; this was my goal, and it ended up going superbly.

We had the privilege of having Monday off since the 7th grade trip began on the weekend, and since it was lovely weather, we opted for a morning at the Railroad Park. Let me in!!! 

IMG_4731 IMG_4730She woke up with green goop emanating from her nose, so I was not sure of her stamina. Praying that it was just a passing virus, I opted to try the activities. She has not been on the carousel ride yet, and since the train didn’t come for 1/2 hour, vertical moving horsies it was! Immediately into the ride, she started freaking out! She screamed, “Shoe!” She pointed to the ground and there it was: her other pink Croc….on the sidewalk. Great! Now we go around and around and she sees Shoe…Shoe…Shoe. So much for Kodak moments. She clutched onto Baby the whole time.

IMG_4734 IMG_4735 IMG_4740We arrived home, and she popped the wheelies a few times

IMG_4742, then wanted, “UP!” on my lap so she could work the computer. Not thinking this was a great idea, I put her baby in the bag so she could find it. Again, not such a brilliant idea. She could not find it amidst the large folds in the bag.

IMG_4745 IMG_4746 IMG_4747

But then TA DA!!! Found it. Hoooray!

Wrapping up the day was a few rounds with Coti and the ball, squeekie hot dog, cow and alligator. He rough houses a bit too much with Tatum, so we are trying to calm him down. At one point, Tatum just got tired of his antics and walked to her bookshelf. She proceeded to bring me a book. Actually, it was a children’s Bible with colorful pictures. She handed me the book then plopped down between my legs. We read about Noah’s ark and she pointed out the elephants, sheep and lions. After reading, I asked her to return the book, please. She gladly put it back on the shelf and brought me another. I was in awe of her responsibility with returning the book to its proper place. Gleefully, I pronounced, “Thank you!” and clapped. (she repeated thank you).

What a gal. What an amazing little bundle of joy.