Cricket love

The other day, Tatum asked what was that chirping sound. I said that the crickets like to chirp at night. She asked me if they were mean or nice. I said they are harmless and basically just hop around chirping.

This gives context to our morning today.

Tatum had  me “come quick, Mommy!” right during the making of the oatmeal. This cannot be interrupted unless you want lumps. Buuuuuuut, it was urgent! So the oatmeal had to wait. Sacrifices!

Tatum showed me the little baby cricket in the hallway. This was the emergency?

Well, it gets better. She began singing to it. I mean belting away the tunes right to its little self. It didn’t move much so she sang louder. This trumped the drinking of her milk which, if you know Tatum, is unheard of. She wanted to return the love of his chirps.

Mommy, I think he’s dead. She blamed Coti. “He smoooshed it!” (I did not want to break her heart and tell her he was already dead, so we went with the Coti excuse).

She now had a sad song to serenade it.

I’m sure there’ll be more crickets, honey. 


How can you possibly love a pair of shoes? I mean, they go on your feet and they walk on the ground. The ground!

I guess that is exactly why you should love your shoes. You walk on your feet all day long, and if your feet are happy, you tend to be quite content.

This is exactly how Tot and I feel about these crazy shoes called Dawgz. (I like to call her’s Puppyz!)

First, we got one pair and now it’s growing.

They are therapy for your feet, seriously.

Today, I gave Tot a new pair for her Friday surprise. She loved them so much she gave them a bath, treating them like a true pet.

Now not only are her feet content but quite clean!


A Final Fun Frivolous Friday, Fish and all

Starting next week, Tatum’s and my fun day will be moved to Tuesday. The big reason? Show ‘n’ tell takes place EVERY Friday. How can I deny my child a chance to bring in her fabulous stories accompanying some showcased item? I couldn’t live with myself. Monday is PE, Wed is music, and Thursday is chapel, so Tuesday seemed perfect. Notice, I’m not focused so much on her academics. (she gets enough of that with mom and me). Socially, she could benefit from the showing and telling, connecting with her classmates. Especially since she leaves at noon each day, whereas the other students stay till 3:00.

So, with that, we decided to hit the art cart, add a little salt to our project, and we have a winner. Salt, you ask? Well, first, we read the wonderful You be You book. It’s full of colorful various fish, no one alike.

We took a black pastel and drew a fish! (on watercolor paper)

Then it was time to paint the water with watercolors

We sprinkled salt to get that ocean effect

She pointed out that she drew this puffer fish.

Now let’s design the fish!

Here he is! Colorful, isn’t it?


Now a quick bit of homework. Take your time Tot. She likes to rush!

Do your best we always say!

Now, it’s off to see Grant. She adores him.

Bonus: I get to whirl around as well. She starts with her hands up, then..



and now TADA!

He was so proud of her, she got a HIGH FIVE! She is really improving every week.

I’m proud of her as well. What a fun Friday.

I love being with you, Tot!