Baby’s surgery

He had an abscess in his little neck.

I told her he would need surgery

We don’t want it to become serious after all!

So, I got my tools: a needle, gloves, and tan thread.

Baby, are you OK?

Good as new!

We love you, Baby.


She swallowed a frog

It appears and sounds as if my daughter has swallowed a large BULLFROG. Her voice is about two octaves higher too. My little Tot has big time allergies.

So, our Tuesday this week was a bit more low key.

We headed to the library and she played to her heart’s content. It is so fun to watch her interact with the blocks and make them into a city.

I picked up a book to read. A few good pearls in this one!

Isn’t that so true!
We headed home for a craft du jour. We decided to make a book with foam pieces. You just can’t beat the fun on this one.

I made some characters, and she worked on the food page. We needed some protagonists and of course a super hero!

Then the antagonist obviously is this scarrrrrrrrreeeeee monster!



We then started our story.

She kept changing the order of events so the bad guy would be taken down by super hero Jackson. She also wanted to add a “Once Upon A Time” piece with a house and tree. You know…..”It was a quiet day and then….!!!!!!!”

Now we are ready for the finalĀ  story ending with another clown that looks more creepy than friendly. There must be a sequel now!?

Although it was low key, we had a blast. Voice or no voice, this froggy gal is my choice for a fun day.

I love you and your brain, Tot. XO

Coti’s Life in a game

Tot and I wanted to celebrate Coti AND make a matching game. So, we picked out 30 pics of Coti’s life, made doubles, and got to work cutting and pasting.

Here are the pics starting from his puppiness!

It was just us for a long time..


Hi Coti!!!

He loved his tiger!

Remember this, Coti?

He had a little ahem…surgery

And very puffy!

He loved to surf. ..

Our first Christmas.


And then…..this little bundle arrived. WHO IS THIS!?

And then I had my achilles surgery. He comforted me.

Won’t you play with me???

Tatum will.

She fell for him too.

And dressed him.

And even got a doggie that looked like him.


I love you, Coti.

We love you Coti!!!

I love my kids

Tatum woke up today with a frog in her throat. She sounded like she swallowed foghorn when she coughed. However, she powered through and we got ready for church.

She has been letting me curl her hair lately. With a real curling iron! This is big folks. B.I.G.

The best part is that she loves it.

Have I mentioned that she is going to be FIVE in a month? Have I mentioned that I’m Faaaaaaareeeeeaking out about it? How did this happen?
So, as time gets closer, I’m savoring every minute with her. And the Coti boy too!

I am not sure how he feels about this hug from Tot. Smoosh. Hmmmmmm.

Well, we tried again and he posed.

Is it over yet?
Yes, puppy. It’s just Tot and I now.

I love you with every teeny bit of my heart, Tot. Coti too. My kids. XO

Anchors at the beginning and end

Devotion and prayer always start our day. Our book is tattered and torn, for we have been using it for over three solid years.

Our morning would not be complete without snuggling with our little Jesus, Coti. He is filled with unconditional love and patience.

We love him so much. He really helps us understand how Jesus loves us.

This particular day, we wanted to paint, but we also wanted to find some fun things in magazines that would be important to celebrate. We love to find ways to make the most of our days, so this was one.

First, we painted watercolor on a background.

Then we went through magazines finding pictures of things we liked.

Mine was pretty simple.



Tatum found so many things she couldn’t even fit it all!

Later on that day, I spied on her in her bedroom. She was literally reading one of her Storybook Bibles on her floor. This ended the day exactly how it started: With Jesus and the celebration our lives with Him as the anchor.

Snip snip blip!

Friday morning, I awoke to a big surprise. Tatum gave herself a haircut. Now, like most little kiddos, it was not just the bangs. I apparently gave myself a trim at 5 also. BUT IT WAS JUST THE BANGS! ahem. Excuse me for yelling.

She cut off her sides and left the bangs. Which is worse? Not sure. But, picture day is Monday, of course, and so, I shall barrette her up and camouflage the best I can.

She feels a bit like a penguin, so we made some out of recycled CD’s.

This is just a blip in the life of Tatum, I realize. It is another fun facet of being her mom. She’s still the most beautiful one to me. I heart you Tot!

Coti’s rough life

Coti wanted to finish my work for me. What a loving doggie!

After all the grading he did, he bolted in my room. I wondered where he went? Well, he was tired of course!

Here I am, mom!

Today, he decided he was too cold to work, so he parked himself on Tot’s bed. Tatum let him snuggle with baby.

and down…..

he goes……zzzzzzzzz

It’s a hard life.