Coti needs some lovin’

It must be hard for the little guy. He’s become second fiddle, and he is not taking it well.

“Hey, what about me!?”

It has been a little over two months now, and although he likes Tater Tot, he does EVERYTHING to get my attention. Sadly, it’s not always so positive. Isn’t that just like our little kiddos….they really want the world to revolve around THEM. He just loved being my first love, and now? He still is my FIRST, but he can’t be FIRST! His patience may be slightly growing and so are his ideas. For example, the other day, my mom was reading the newspaper, and he figured that if he jumps on top of the pile, we will notice him!

Eventually, he gave up and assumed his famous “bear rug” pose.

Ok, Coti, I get the message! We will play some ball!
But please always remember: YOU are my darling little Cotster, and you and Tatum will be a superb combination! Now stay cute, and BEHAVE! 🙂

My dog’s name should be Cotrero

Apparently my little Coti is Mexican. I have been trying to get Coti to CEASE from jumping on the table after I finish my dinner. He is pretty sneaky as he jumps up and steals a piece of .. ____ fill in the blank. My aunt told me to sprinkle cayenne pepper on the table and that should do the trick. So, I set him up (mooohhaaawww haaa). It just happened that I was eating tacos with savory ground beef. In a small ramican I scooped a bit of the beef and covered it with cayenne. As I did this, I felt sad for Coti’s tongue! When I was a child, cayenne was my mother’s weapon of choice if a bad word slipped from my mouth….aaahhh memories! So, hey, I’m passing down a great tradition to my little white friend.

I placed the red hot fire bowl on the table as I quietly stepped out of the room. As I peaked inside, Coti jumped on the chair and proceeded to slurp up the mixture, licking every morsel and flake! I wait…OK..nothing yet. So, I put water in his bowl anticipating him to need a gallon or so. Nothing. What is up with this dog? He liked it!? What is he, Mikey? He DOES eat anything. Ole! hmph.

The word of the day is SH_T: Part 2!

Wanting Tatum to go and NOT wanting Coti to go! Today it was all about SHI ___.

Yesterday, Tatum was PLUGGED UP! So, off to the store for some suppositories. Yes, we had success. Not today. Heave ho Heave ho…wince wince...:-( Nothing. And there was not much rejoicing. Now, before I could do the magic insertion, I figured I’d play with Coti a bit! Last night was his dog training lesson,  (and he was a model student as opposed to usual when I want to wear a mask and say, “not my dog!”) so we threw the squeaky hot dog and then practiced his model behavior. Perfect! OK…back to Tatum. I searched high and low for the box of glycerine tubes. As I entered the room where I had left Coti, he ran and hid in a corner. As he did this, trailing behind him were THREE empty suppository tubes. The first thing that went through my head was not my dog’s health. It was my pocketbook! $9 down the drain! No, just kidding. I prayed there was ONE left for Tater Tot. OK..Now I worried (well, Tatum and I both were concerned) about Coti and how lovely his disposals would be and which end would they be ejected..!?


Coti ended up running to his happy place so as to not inflict more frustration on me.

Thank goodness there was one plastic tube left for Tatum’s pleasure. I tried the insertion (YELP!) and hoped for her ejection. Still nothing, but I am still waiting. In terms of Coti? I am giving him a bit of rice to bind him up if needed. We just went around the block and he had to stop about five times to do his business. And it was a ten-story edifice.

AAAHHH>>>What has my life become?! Full of SH_T!? 🙂

Dog first; baby second?

The day I brought Tatum home, I had carefully prepared Coti, so I thought. Every night before Tatum’s arrival, we had our chats about what was about to take place. Did he listen? Was he even paying attention!!? Perhaps not. I brought home one of her little hats from the hospital and placed it in his doggie bed. He tossed it around and ignored the head covering. Then the next day, I brought a blanket and strategically put it in his favorite couch spot. Maybe this would do it. Fast forward to Tatum’s homecoming. He not only growled at her but almost bit her! We immediately freaked out and shielded him from her for a few days. Then, finally we just confronted the situation head on. When I fed Tatum, I played with Coti directly following. I had to go overboard to love on my dog.

It’s five weeks later, and he adores her! The minute she cries, he looks at me saying, “Hey, mom, what are you going to do about this!?” If only he could feed her and change her diapers. Maybe I can teach him to soothe her when she cries. Now, that would be the perfect world.

Sadly, it’s not perfect yet. He is going back to BOOT CAMP with dog training. Coti has been showing signs of aggression and elusiveness. It’s only natural; however, I really miss my old dog. I know this transition will take time.

Coti’s World


I adopted a NEWBORN COTON de TULEAR in August. He was born in MAY.


It is the French word for Cotton. The Coton is a bichon-type related to the French Bichons and the Italian Bolognese. It most likely arrived in Madagascar and was reintroduced to Europe and America in the last 20 years. Cotons were favored companion of the wealthy residents of Tulear, in southern Madagascar, where it continued to breed to type. The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1970. The Coton is the “Official Dog of Madagascar,” and a tri-color Coton was honored on a postage stamp in 1974.