Constantly improving!

I stress to Tatum daily that she must do her best. She needs to ask herself as she does her work, Is this my best work? If it’s not, she should do it again. This needs to be a value she holds in life.

Math is one area where she can always improve. Her numbers need to be exact, and her lines have to be straight. I’m kind of a stickler for this as early as Kindergarten because habits need to start as early as possible. 

Each week they have a math test. She sometimes makes little errors and they are not from not knowing the information; they are from sheer sloppiness or not paying attention. She is NOW valuing doing her best and paying attention to detail.

This was her test from last Thursday.

Her numbers were done with precision and she seemed to do her best. Yes, she could have stayed in the lines when coloring, but I’m just so proud of her numbers! I continue to love watching Tatum value her own work. 

We often recite Colossians 3:23 “Work happily at whatever you do as if you were working for the Lord and not for men.” 

I love you sweet girl! Keep up the hard work and the joy of doing it!

Sharing Strep is Caring

Yes, we share everything in this family! I didn’t think that we would share this throat ailment. Why? Because I’m usually Supergirl when it comes to Tatum’s illnesses. I get rundown, sure, but not the infections. So, when I started experiencing symptoms this week, I brushed it off and figured it was just a cold or me being overly tired. 

Then, Saturday, at Winter Wonder, I knew that something was wrong, I tried to hold it together and act like all was fine, but honestly, my head was pounding and I was chilled. I did have a fever, and my neck was so sore when I got home. I figured I needed a massage or maybe I had slept funny. 

Sunday, then, I woke up MISERABLE!! Like a Mack truck hit my body (actually my head and neck), and I had a high fever. (I haven’t had this kind of fever since college I think!). 

Tatum insisted on coming with me to the Dr.  I went right over to Urgent Care first thing. She didn’t want me to be alone so she joined me. Smart? Probably not, but it was nice to have some company. Of course, she worried about how she would get breakfast. I gave her an Chocolate Rx Bar and called it good. She didn’t call it good. I’m starving mommy!!! Get over it is all I could think. I was hoping she’d become my little nurse and take care of me all day. I had NO desire to be a mommy today! She did give me lots of TLC.

I even stopped by Krispy Kreme and got mom a donut. I decided to buy one for Tatum. Boy is she a lucky girl!! (actually, that bought me some time from her asking me for things). 

When I got home after being diagnosed with Strep (my tonsils were touching they were so swollen!), I took a shower and felt a bit better. 1000mg of Tylenol didn’t hurt either. I decided to wear my Batgirl shirt and my Santa socks. That gave me superpower strength! How goofy I looked didn’t matter; I was pretty darn comfy!

I am so very grateful for antibiotics and the ability to heal! I thought I’d be able to avoid getting her Strep, but my sweet girl and I seem to share everything. 

Thank you Jesus for rest on a Sunday. 

Winter Wonder 2018 at SBC

Every year, SBC puts on their amazing Christmas show. This year, it was no different. They adapted some of it from The Greatest Showman.

Well, this year, they called up the kids from the audience. Guess who Neil picked on to ask questions!?

He asked her if she had done her Christmas shopping yet and if she remembered what she got last year. Both answers were NOPE. She was so cute up there!
They then asked who knew the words to Rudolph?

They sang and shimmied a bit and then exited stage.

The end of the show was beautiful with the birth of Jesus. 

You couldn’t help but weep and praise HIM. The HOPE has arrived, and the FORGIVENESS for our sins and the RECONCILIATION to our FATHER is here. 

A new week and the joy of God’s promise

Tatum started out this week with excitement to head back to school after missing a whole week.

New shoes. New coat. New cookie pillow thingy that she made for her backpack.

We also made Mrs. Holman a little pizza purse and filled it with my new favorite indulgence (thanks to Mrs. Holman’s suggestion!): Dark chocolate covered peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. HELLO!!!

We also spent the week practicing a snow globe picture. Finally, after four tries, Tatum was satisfied with this one, so we put it on cardboard and it sits in her room.

We ended the week with this driving to school.

Such a promise of God and His love for us!!!

She also ended the week with a 100%’s on her Spelling, Math, and Spalding sounds. WOW!
Tonight, we’ll celebrate by going to hear her sing in their Christmas concert.

And she did such a great job!

Joy to the world at PVCP!

It was Tatum’s Christmas concert at PVCP! All grades from Pre-K – 12th performed.

Of course, she and Charlotte were so glad to see each other. It had only been 2 hours since school was over. Haha.

She also saw some of her other buddies:

They sang Joy To The World with their whole heart!

Dougy’s Bday and celebrating PVCP!

We got a little thrown off with the saga of sickness coming from my little Tot. Friday, being Doug’s birthday, was supposed to be this E.V.E.N.T, but instead, it was more of an event. Tatum still had a baby sitter, but I had to be home early so I could put her to bed. Doug and I went to the wine bar and just chilled. We are going to celebrate in two weeks at a concert. Stay tuned.

Then the next night, we had a party sponsored by her school, PVCP. Doug and I got all fancied up. But before we went, Tatum wanted to give Doug some gifts. She made him a nice card, a rocket picture and a shirt.

I know she was so excited to give it to him.

We were now ready to go to our party. Tot sent me off with her blessings.

And, Doug and I got ready to go!

Posing outside…

Inside being silly because you know you need to loosen up after smiling so much!


Tot and Coti watched while Mama snapped..

The party was at the Jacoby’s. Their home is so beautiful! The outdoors was bigger than the indoors!

He does own a landscape company, so it did make sense that his outdoors was  phenomenal!

We met so many wonderful people. I cannot believe what a wonderful school this is for Tatum. The quality of people and the love they have for Jesus exudes out of everything.

We got a few pics in front of the fireplace. He looks so handsome!

What a fun night…

Celebrating Doug, PVCP, and Tatum getting better.



She read it to me this year! Happy December

December 1st means the Advent Calendar goes up and the Nativity scene enters the bedroom!

So far we have a camel and cow waiting for baby Jesus.

I also love to read her this little book to go along with her Nativity scene. This year, she would read it to me!

The donkey, cow and ox (we have a sheep instead Heehee) would come…

And of course the shepherd..

magi bearing gifts

Mother Mary!

And guess who we have left??

Baby Jesus is born.

Of course Baby is joining the manger scene this year.

The Angel rejoices above.

I like her reading it to me with her sing-songy voice.

Praise Jesus for He is coming!