Five year olds and the performing of Beatle’s songs. What could be more adorable and cool?

I signed her up for one more week at Phoenix Theater. She already has done Disney, Minnie Mouse (last year) and Wizard of Oz this year. This would be my favorite!

We got her a cute haircut.

She practice with her animals in bow ties.  Note she is conducting from  the upside down position.

And she practiced herself.

She’d perform Yellow submarine and All you need is love.

We practiced her lines and she was ready to go.


Jesus and Osiris would be her teachers again.

She was ready for her line:
We are in a submarine!

Now, she is ready to go!

Vivacious, courageous and bold. I love it!
Then they sang “All you need is love”

Her line: “Raise your right had and repeat after me!”


So proud of you Tot!

Thank you again to Jesus and Osiris.

Hopefully we’ll see you next year.



Storms and balloons

This morning, Tot and I hit Sprouts to grab something for me to eat, and the checker gave her a balloon. Not just any balloon, folks. This massive orb took over my car. (Thanks, checker man!). OK, I didn’t want to be a fun squasher, so I let her take it in the car.

Later that day, she chose to set it free to be….be free with the other lost balloons in the sky. (Thank you, Jesus!)

OK, mommy, I’m ready.


Be freeeeeeeeee!!!

Wait, are those clouds coming in??

How will the balloon survive?????

Later, it stormed like the house was going to fall in. We stopped worrying about the blue beastie balloon and worried about Snuggle Bug. He was shivering more than I ever have seen him shiver.

The house was dark and the storm raged. Coti hid, and I had to retrieve him so we could snuggle on the bed with him.

It’s going to be OK, little guy.

Whoooooooooooo. The balloon might not have survived, but Coti made it through. Tot wanted to know why God was doing this? Good question, but somewhere a farmer is rejoicing. God has a purpose for this and we will find the silver lining. Storms always have a way of making flowers come later.


Tatum and Nixon

Every other Sunday, I volunteer in Tatum’s class at church. It’s always fun to color and model Jesus love with the kids. It sounds so easy doesn’t it?

Simple not easy.

OK, so this week, Nixon showed up in her class. He has been at Paradise for Tots with her since she was 3.

He now wears glasses, towers over her, and is still so in love with her.

Today, he sat down while Tatum made her some delicious plastic morsels of food. She “served him” and then she asked about his day. So, Nixon, tell me how are you doing? How is your day? Would you like some more milk? 

Honestly, it was adorable to watch her be such a lady and he was such a gentleman. Five years old. 

Oh the joy.  (Now, let’s just keep it at this stage, K? Not ready for the rest!)


Happy 4th Dance a rama

We started out drawing some firecrackers. (Better to draw than see them at this stage based on past Tot firework fears)

And Coti cozied up of course.

And then……he showed! Doug! She couldn’t wait to dance with him. The honey brought over the most delicious shrimp kabobs and we had to celebrate.


and lift!

Check the back???

I think it’s ok. Ready for more Doug?

We had the best dinner and conversation. The 4th of July is a special day in so many ways. It’s a time with family but a celebration of the true meaning of freedom and sacrifice.


Happy Independence Day 2018.

Hands on Learning and a new LEGO obsession

A video game on paper? This thing is as close as you can get. These Brain Quest books have color, stickers, and incentives. You can’t beat it, and Tot just wants to do more.

There’s this cool map you travel from Level 1 to Level 6

This lead to a toy. You see, I’ve had this in my closet for a while waiting to give it to Tot. It’s kind of a big gift, but I think she earned it. She’s been overly helpful and doing things without asking. I figured it was time. Also, she has many of these little Lego guys.

But this, folks, is a CITY!! And with a …… She would go wild. And she did. I spent the day putting it together with her,  and I found I wish I had these when I was little. I get the obsession. Great; just what I need.

Now, I have to get more of these. What have I created!!???

She spent about three SOLID hours playing with these just today.

They are a great learning/ imagination tool, so I’m ALL FOR IT!

Celebrating our freedom but not yet

The fourth of July, every year, has been an event. You see, around here, near the train park, it comes early. They always have a concert on Sunday and then a firework’s show (if it comes on the 4th, that would work out great!)

I love the 4th of July because of what it means for our country. I think we’ve lost a bit of that with all the hoopla surrounding it meaning hot dogs, swimming and lots of noise. But, I hope to make it memorable this year.

Once again, on Sunday (July 1st), there were fireworks. I was hoping Tot would not be scared this year. I knew Coti would need cuddling but not Tot?

We went outside after the start (around 9pm),

and IMMEDIATELY she wanted to go in. She was shivering! Every year since she was 2 she has not been ready for the fireworks. This year was no different.

We came inside and cuddled with Coti with hopes (well, my hope) that we could go back out for the finale.

Meanwhile, we cuddled and they shivered.

Ok, so can we go now? We did and boom! Nope. OK, you two.

We’ll have more fun on the actual 4th.

I love you both.

My handsome graduate

We had to celebrate of course!!!

And what does that mean? Getting all pertied up and debonaired out, right?

He showed up and I thought, Man, he sure does look hottie hot hot!

It took a while to get the right pose since my mom was taking the picture. The button on Doug’s phone is tender apparently. We tried to hold it together!

Let’s try again!

And now with Tot. She just has to be in one at least!

Now we are ready to go be JUST US. I’m so proud of you, Honey.

I love you to pieces.