Rocket 6th Birthday was a BLAST!

Thanks to my honey and buying these rockets to launch.

I had her outfit all set out to surprise her before the big birthday party.

I think she liked it!

I got one for me to match…boots and all!

We arrived a bit early, and this year, Tot helped me out. Usually, I have her come later, but she is now a BIG helper.

Doug then came with more food and the rockets!!! Kids were lining up to pump and launch!  Honey was helping them all out so patiently and instructively.

Teagan, Charlotte, William, Julia, Scarlet, and Lincoln.

We were all in AWE!
Tatum and Charlotte goofing around…


.and then Julia and Scarlet. I think Ethan was just watching the silliness.

Then it was time to ride the train. … all 30 of us! Excitement abounds.

Teagan and Lincoln couldn’t wait those last two minutes. William was inspired that Teagan could tell there were only two minutes by reading the clock! What do you know! Kindergarten does teach things.

The girls sat together.

…and I realized it was the first time I have not had her on my lap during the ride. What a change. It’s quite a happy/sad feeling.

The tunnel brought back memories of Tot saying, “Tunno tunno!”

ROCKET CAKE CUTTING TIME!!! After a prayer of gratitude for all the friends and joy.

Psst..I love you Tot.

We had so much fun. It started to get dark, so we headed home to open gifts and have some dinner.

Carley got her this water baby. Yes, you fill her with water. Srsly?

A fun fishing game…

One of the gifts….ok!? Tatum…where did you go?

She played into the night with her legos.

I collapsed but she played on and on. I am so grateful for such friends and fun. Her real birthday is in two weeks, so I’ll take five a little bit longer. I love you Tot.

Voting Day 2018

It was an important day for our country. The mid-term elections.

I took Tot with me this morning to vote. They gave her a nice sticker. I took forever to go over the judges. As I was voting, I noticed one of my buddies from high school was on the judges list. I had to vote NO for him because my mom had done all of the vetting for these judges. Apparently, Sam was pretty left -wing in his rulings. Sorry Sam. (I still like you as a buddy!)

Then we got to school and she showed me her stuff.

All I can say is OUCH! I love you Tot. I pray for our country today.


Field Trip to Tolmachoff Farm

I did not go this year, but she sure seemed to have fun!
Thank you Mrs. Holman for taking them. She brought home some fresh veggies for a delicious salad.

Corn was her favorite part!

And of course her buddy Charlotte

Fun with Julia.

What fun they had.

The magic formula for the cough cough cough????

Tatum and I memorize a verse a week from the Bible. She also is memorizing a verse for school. This week for her class, her verse was one that we already have memorized! So she performed for me before bed.

“Be strong and courageous; don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go! (in your pocket….(Tatum added this.)” (Joshua 1:9)

God has been with us through this whole process of finding out how to help Tot. Yesterday, the doctor told us her cough is a manifestation of her allergies. “Allergy-induced bronchospasm.” Ok. fancy word for LOTSA COUGHIN’!
SO…..she gave us the coveted (and expensive I might add) INHALER! This one comes with an adapter to help the inhaler get inhaled!

Two puffs three times a day during this season and then if she does some type of sport, two puffs prior. It’s an as-needed puffer!

We also added Singulair which is an allergy/asthma chewable she can take before bed.

So, she has the Zyrtec and Flonase in the morning, two puffs, then two puffs after she gets home from school, two more puffs before bed plus the chewable. The magic formula!??? Well, last night, IT WORKED!!!

Goodbye cough?

We pray yes. God, you’re with us no matter what. Thank you Jesus!


Cough cough cough cough cough…… again.

And on it goes. It begins about 9:30 PM and continues through about 11 until she eventually falls asleep.

It has been happening since she was two…..every year.

So….we are all tired and frustrated. So today, we go back to the doctor to see what magic potion there is to help her. Last week, doc put her on Zyrtec and Flonase, but that barely touches it.

Last night, I tried putting peppermint in her humidifier. Maybe THAT would help??? hmmmmmmm??? Well, we just continue to try.

My sweet little girl.  This smile:

I want to see you healthy.  I love you so much.

Halloween 2018

Halloween Eve, Tatum insisted on staying up and making a card for everyone in her class.

E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. Did I mention there are 19 kiddos in her class?

Yes mommy. All of them.

Plus Mrs. Holman and Mrs. Gould.

So I gave her some spelling help.

She got through 5 kids and figured she’d wake up early to finish.

Did she??????

The cards did not get finished, but she did give the ones she did to Mrs. Holman and Gould so no kids would get left out.

The day was pretty normal, but the COUGH returned, so we knew we would just visit a few homes, gather some chocolate of course, and head home.

Little Red Riding Hood did not wander off and did not meet a wolf. We just met two dogs and one dog dressed as an owl. Much more safe.

Skittles ended the evening along with much more coughing.