God Conversations with Tatum

Sunday morning started out bright and early. Tatum came into my room with a load of books, her kids, and a chair. She was armed and ready to power through some Sparky! (Magic Bone books). I was on my chair reading the devotion, so it was fine with me although the quality of my “quiet time” was less than quiet. Ha!

After breakfast, I wanted her to get ready for church, but she was busily making a sign for me and for Doug. I couldn’t get mad at her for this.

You see, she wanted me to know, Mommy, I finally know how much you love me, and I wanted you to know that I know. 

Ok, melt. I see that with you playing ball and surrounding by hearts.

Well, all this is leading to our evening. I wanted to try a different tactic for our “Bible Study” each night. I want her to know how much she is loved by me but more importantly by her creator, God!

In this day and age, I am finding that there are so many life forces in our culture which will pull her away from God and from the truth of Him. I cannot do anything about the culture, but I can arm her with a reason for her faith. I can provide her with true evidence and the WHY behind what we believe. She believes what I believe right now, but she’ll come to a point where she is on her own with her own beliefs. If I can give her a strong defense for not only the existence for God but for our FAITH, then she won’t be so malleable when she is “in the world.” (which is inevitable and vital if we want to be LIGHTS in this world).

I figured we’d start having conversations about GOD instead of our strict Bible study. Our conversations would lead to looking up Bible verses, so we accomplish both goals. I found a book to help me too!

Tonight: Here was the question: If you didn’t even know about the Bible or someone came up to you and asked you this, what would you say. ….How can you tell that God exists just by looking at nature?

We talked for about 30 minutes about the beauty of nature and how could it be created by anything but God (Psalm 16:1) ? Also, how can you explain our conscience or LOVE? (Romans 2) We laughed a bit, but I think she got it. She even said, Now, mommy, a human could create this bear or this water bottle or this sock because God gave humans brains, but we couldn’t create a foot or another person! That would be crazy!

Tatum I think you get it. I wouldn’t have even thought to say that, so you are showing me that you are thinking this through.

Stay tuned for more God conversations with Tatum.

I love you sweet girl.

Happy Birthday Austin

He’s turning 21! I know Doug can’t believe it, as it has happened in a wink of an eye. I wanted to see Austin, and I knew the only way to get to see him would be to take him to dinner with his girlfriend, Alexa.

Tatum couldn’t wait, and I couldn’t either. I want to get to know him, and I know that will come in time. He is on the right path of working and hopefully going back to school.

So, we decide to take him to Humble Pie since they have something for everyone.

Tatum made him a card, and this made him beam from ear to ear. She was so glad to give him his smiley cake.

Then, I was next with some gift cards.

Tatum was so happy to get to spend time with Alexa….

We love you, Austin.

May you thrive in your next chapter.

I need more Mommy

See this picture?

It’s Tatum’s teeth! She had fallen off the scooter last week and chipped her one adult tooth up front. Well, we’ll deal with it after braces. Not to worry now.

However, look at this crowded mouth!

This is my life right now. (Doug’s too BTW). It’s crammed full of work, wedding planning, moving planning, remodel planning, parenting, financial stuff, etc etc. It’s busy!! Like Tot’s mouth.

Well, today, I did not accomplish my dreaded list. In fact, I fell behind because I was so bloody tired from lack of sleep. Tatum did not like me not being fully present. She made it clear to me that when we were at the piano lesson, I was not “right there next to her.” Then when we did homework, I was just sitting there not doing my cheerleader moves as usual. We didn’t play a game. And, I chose to talk to mama a bit when she needed me. She balked, I need more mommy!! I don’t even want to go to school

Oh, Tot. We had a nice chat about how I can’t always be ON and sometimes, I just need some compassion from her. We need to forgive and take care of each other and lift each other’s burdens. She is learning this, but I did tell her I’m so sorry that she felt ignored by me. It wasn’t my intention.

Tot, no matter what, you’re always in my heart. That is why I make sure you always get a love note in your lunch. I’m with you always, even when I’m not physically present. (And guess who else is? JESUS. ALWAYS, but HE IS PHYSICALLY PRESENT). So, Tatum go to Him when you feel something is missing. He’ll fill those empty places. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to be there for you whenever you need me.

I need you too, Tatum. You’re my special gift, blessing and light. I love you to pieces.

Something has to work!

I’m tired of my cough and just being sick, mommy. We’ll try the Aquafor for the skin. The inhaler to clear the lungs. The oils for the diffuser at night to clear out something! The saline spray to clear the sinuses.  Did I miss anything? Oh, yes Singulair and Zyrtec. Now they recommend a facial sauna for more clearing. Yes, I’d love some clarity here. 

Frankincense helped Jesus, right?

Thieves seems to “steal” all the bugs and throw them A..WAY!

Take a whiff of this, and you’ll clean yourself out for a week.

I’ll tell you what else I’m trying: 

A LOT of Jesus.

Utah Day 2

Sledding day hooray!!
The teeny bit of snow was going to have to work for our sledding adventure.

We got all bundled up:

Are we ready!!?


Tot and Thomas headed outdoors to make a snowman.

John preceded us to help make the sledding run more smooth. What is missing in these photos??? Anyone???

Well, let’s see: I don’t notice anything odd here: Loafers, dress shirt, khaki’s. Perfect. Oh, of course. Gloves!!!??

Tatum finished up the snowman.


Looks good! Let’s add a friend.

Time to sled a bit.

Tatum was a natural! We found this out after both of us went down. She was ready to SOLO it. John smoothed it all so well, she whizzzzzzzed by!

Later, after Tatum wore us out, we headed inside and Tot played played played with Thomas. So much she felt like a Superhero!

Kaboom. She collapsed.

We all played games until I kaboomed myself.

Tatum woke up. She was ready. Ready for something.  What will it be?

Dolly loved on her with French Toast ….


Fancy jewels. Dolly knows how to make.a.girl.feel.special.

Time ticked by so quickly that it was getting time to go. Johnathan selflessly helped me set up my new computer, so I did not get enough FUN time (although being with John is always fun).

Thank you John, Thomas, and Dolly. You ALWAYS put everything aside to make us feel like kings and queens. True royalty we are in your presence.

We buckled up and headed back to Phoenix.

Until next time, my dear family in Utah. We love you beyond measure. Truly. Wonderfully. Deeply.


Good Saturday in beautiful UTAH! (Part 2)

Yesterday was wonderful!
Good morning!  How did you sleep? Tatum and I slept in till 9:30 (8:30 AZ time). Now, this could mean that we slept in or that we just slept in the morning. BZZZZZZZ. B is the answer. Apparently baby was falling out of the bed often, so therefore, it was up to me to find him every few hours.

So, we got up and enjoyed our breakfast with Tommy, Dolly and Doug. Cheerios always hit the spot.

Then she got a bit chilly and Batman could not warm her up. Well, a mommy’s work is never done and THANK GOODNESS for that!

It was time to BREAK THE ICE and play a few rounds before she stole Tommy to play.

We headed to the park, and John and I had a chance to chat. Tommy, Dolly and Tommy kept Tot busy!

It was a bit chilly and windy, so we headed home to (nap) hang out! Dolly and Tommy played with Tot and let me relax a bit! I so appreciate all of them so much!

Tatum wanted to change into cozies, so she found a small shirt (small for large people!) to put on, and she then discovered the droids. She loves droids because she is bigger than them!

It was then time to cook, and Johnathan has THOSE skills! I figured I’d help! Maybe not. My skills are not as sharp (haha)

Again, another lovely dinner, games and chats. I think I need a lot longer in UTAH!

We’ll sleep well tonight! Or will we??????? I’ll tell you one thing: It’s so wonderfully dark and quiet so I should, right?