Why I do this almost daily…

Tatum wonders what happens to all of these posts.


We are up to 11 books. And guess what, Tot? You are going to get ALL of them someday. By then, they’ll be 111!? There is ALWAYS something to record and remember. I never want to forget one moment with, my sweet Tot. You’re the light of my life. Let’s keep making memories, shall we?

Another successful VBS at SBC!

This year, I did not volunteer due to some outside circumstances, but it was still a hit for Tot!

She spent the week in Room 24 with 15 other little 4 and 5 year olds. The best part, she said, was her leaders. The girls who led the class ranged from middle school to soon-to-be freshman (at GCU!). They even wrote her a little note the last day.

Such maturity! I love the message of paying kindness forward.

Also, every camp, SBC raises money for a cause. Last year it was for Bibles, and this year it was for some sports equipment for the needy. She wanted to give ALL of her spend envelope! All of it!

She was positive. Wow.

We were so grateful for the camp and the leaders, that we made gave them all a little EXTRA treat.

This connected to a pack of EXTRA gum.

We are EXTRA grateful for all at SBC. See you on Sunday!

Abiding under

Tatum clutches her baby with such love. Coti watches over them to make sure all is safe.  Tatum is surrounded by LOVE.

She has been taking good care of me too.

She sings to me with her new blow up guitar. (thanks to the library for this gift from summer reading)

And even in the car

I feel I’m not only in HIS grip but my kid too.

You see, it’s been a tough few weeks for me. Now, in comparison, it’s not a big deal. There are many out there who are going through horrific health challenges, so mine pales in comparison. However, I have not been at my best to MOM, to WORK, to SERVE. It’s been eating away at me because I WANT to feel better.  Physically, I just have been sub sub sub par.

Then, I visited Doug’s and Mama’s naturopath, Dr. Ruiz. He immediately took me off dairy, eggs and gluten. I know I’m going to feel better!

But in the meantime, I’m clutching onto the good. Why? Because God will work even this out for HIS GOOD. Nothing is wasted. So, I know that this is only going to make me stronger and more dependent on HIM. That can only be good. I wait with this confidence.

I heard that the term “patience” means to “abide under.” To abide means to reside or make a home in. So, that means I am resting in HIS hands under his control, confidently.

Thank you Jesus for your promises.



Be the biggest…

Servant. Helper. Lover.

This is what I tell her a leader is. A leader leads with her heart thinking of others first.

She is off to VBS this week at SBC and I will not be volunteering in her class this year. This is another story. Last year, I noticed many kids were distracted, didn’t pay attention, and also did not obey. Oye!

So, I told Tatum that she should be gently suggesting, “Hey, let’s sing this song!” OR “Hey you guys, this is a good message! Let’s listen.” It’s all in HOW you say it. If you sound bossy, then no one will want to follow you. However, if you ROLE MODEL it, and then suggest gently that others join, then you’ll get more bites.

Also, Jesus came to serve not to boss. So, she should be the first to help and the first to clean up.

I’ll continue to stress this point.

Dream sweet dreams tonight for tomorrow is a new day to…..


BE THE BIGGEST no matter your size, Lovebug. XO


Summertime at PFT

We couldn’t say goodbye completely, so we signed her up for just 5 or 6 days this summer to go to camp at Paradise for Tots. Ms. V and Coach Matt were going to be there after all.

So, thanks to Doug for providing an adorable shade over her face, she was off to camp. Can you just never get enough of that there hat???!!!

While we were there, Ms. V gave Tatum the Bible she was supposed to get on her graduation. Hooray! We finally got it autographed with Ms. V and Coach Matt’s John Hancocks. Now it truly is special.

When we got home, she dove right in, reading to her babies.

I think they are excited to hear about Creation.

I know Tatum is reading with all the feeling in the world.

We love you Father, and I love you Tot!!!!


Doug and Tatum Get Hang-Out Time Together

Steph is off to North Carolina to give her English prep tips and study points to prospective GCU students. So proud of her doing this sort of work for GCU.  She gets to use her years of study and experience in addition to her presentation skills and put them to good use in recruiting future GCU students!  While my sweetie is away, I get to have hang-out time with Tatum for two and a half days!  First, we must get Tatum’s things together before we leave for my house. Tatum and Steph made this magnificent collage of different storyboard scenes for me.  Geeze, this thing is a work of art!  You just don’t whip something like this together in an hour.  So honored by you two!

Steph made a Mercedes steering wheel, so Tatum could help drive us to my house.  Ok, I’ll take the help in getting us home!

Oh, the send-off and good byes and kisses (and Coti too!)

We get to my house and have a nice Salmon dinner. Not just any salmon mind you, I made Steph’s world famous (or at least it should be) smoked maple Salmon.  Then we go into the back yard for a little nature walk.  I show Tatum the apple tree (yes, apple trees grow in the desert if you’re careful).  She picked a little green apple – too tart to eat but perfect for baking.

Right away, we get her bed all set up and Steph always has a new pair of jammies wrapped for a surprise with a little love note!

In the morning, we have little scrambled eggs with bacon before we go the Gym.

After the gym, we needed to get supplies for our “Project”.  When Tatum stays with me, we always plan on a project for her mommy. We do this so she knows how much we miss her and love her.  Last time, we planted a tomato plant in a pot to produce little sweet cherry tomatoes. This time, we have canvas paintings to color with messages of Jesus on them.  Now, this is my level of painting – painting (with felt pens) within the lines!

The next morning I had a conference call for work and Tatum was so good while I was in this loooong call. While I was in the call, she made a very elaborate battleship from a carpenter’s box of wood pieces.  How cute is this pic?

We went swimming both days. We also brought a science project to the pool deck with us to make snow! Just add these white crystals to some water and presto, SNOW!  We had to repeat this experiment a few times because it was very cool.  Hehe!

Tatum’s front tooth was loose and wobbly.  It would be her first baby tooth to fall out. We needed a tooth pillow to put it in for the tooth fairy just in case the inevitable happened.  I was really hoping it would NOT come out until Steph got back because it’s kind of a milestone.  Whew, the first one did NOT come out on my watch but the tooth pillow is ready when it does!

Along with the art supplies we saw a perfect Tot sized wicker hat with a neon green band that matched her shirt.  OK, gotta get that too!

Then she decided that Austin the bear should try on the hat!

Well, it was time to go home so we carefully wrapped up Steph’s canvased paintings and put them in a gift bag to surprise her.  We excitedly drove home to meet her and tell her of our time together but mostly we just wanted to see her and give her hugs because the best part about her trip is when we come together and the end.  That’s FAMILY.