Desert Botanical Garden FIELD TRIP

Tot’s Kinder class went to the beautiful DBG, and I decided to join as a chaperone. I love seeing what she is learning, and also I love to see how Tatum soaks it in.

I took her friend Selah in my car, and both of them were so silly in the back seat. I think it was fun for Tatum to have a buddy to talk to back there.

We headed in and our field guide, Scott, assembled the kids to go over some of the “listening well” rules.

They all got a magnifying glass to look closely for any critter or plant to analyze. He went over the 5 senses, and thank goodness, we didn’t cover the “taste” sense. We don’t need to be sampling cactus flowers or rosemary bushes. Maybe put it on a pizza, and we’ll taste away!

At one point, they had to find something to share with each other. Tatum found little beans on the ground and discussed this with her classmates. Fascinating!

Charlotte and Tatum had a hug moment in front of this beautiful tree from South Africa.

On the way out we passed these cacti growing on the ground. I never realized the many kinds there are!

The old man cactus. Fuzzy as all get out.

And this cactus is growing out of another. Pretty amazing.

The flowers are delicious for our cactus friends.

Thank you Mr. Scott for your help!

We had a great time.

Proud of Tatum: 3rd Qtr Kinder

I just wrote a blog about the importance of character. However, I am proud of Tatum’s report card. This is not about the grades, but about the effort I have seen come from her heart. She wants to learn for the sake of learning. She also sees that working hard pays off. Having character means also having discipline in life and one of those disciplines is a good work ethic.

Great work sweet girl.

Who are we raising?

I am saddened by the news of late that uncovered a college admission scandal. Wealthy parents were caught buying their kid entrance into a college with bribes and cheating. ALL for them to feel good about their own images and to be able to say, “My kid goes to XYZ school. Isn’t that amazing?” Wow. Just so sad. The consequences of this are not just that it’s wrong but that the message they are sending their kid is that whatever it takes, get ahead in life. Sell your soul if you have to. Character doesn’t matter. What does matter is what you look like on the outside and what others think about you!? Such a lie from the pit of hell.

Jesus asks what good it is for a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul, (Matt 16:26) To gain the whole world is to receive all the world has to offer—money, fame, pleasure, power, prestige, etc. To lose one’s soul is to die without a right relationship with Christ and spend an eternity in the lake of fire. Moreover, how can you live with integrity and a clean heart knowing you have cheated your way through life? Is this peace? Who have you hurt along the way? So many issues here that I cannot even comprehend all that is wrong with the world.

HOWEVER, they know not what they do so don’t point fingers. We are all sinners, yes. SO we must love the world and be lights to the world. Let’s show them how a RIGHT relationship with Jesus leads to peace everlasting and fulfillment that FAR surpasses fame, fortune and fancy. That is all fleeting and will only lead to need of more and more. Never fulfilled.

This leads me to raising Tatum. Tatum, integrity is doing the right thing when NO ONE is watching. God always sees your heart, your motives, and your actions. So live for HIM. Live with this perspective. Live with loving HIM, loving OTHERS, and then loving yourself (to thine own self be true). If you do this, you’ll live OUT a life of love. It’s automatic. Being mindful of what Christ did for you on the cross leads to a life of gratitude and GIVING. Not “take take take and how many we can step on to get the world’s definition of success.”

Let’s raise the next generation to be more motivated by character than by image. Where your heart is, there is your treasure.

Spring Break 3. Keeping busy

…while I work. That was my request today for Tatum.

It started out with a sound sleep this morning. She came into bed with me after Daddy left for work. We get to sleep in this week which is wonderfully wonderful!

Peaceful and precious.

Ok, cute breakfast time. It’s PIE day (3.14), and so I made her a parfait for breakfast. It’s close to pie, right?

Granola, greek yogurt, banana layered and topped with of course sprinkles.

After the gym, (Ella joined us in the car all safely buckled)

Tatum got to some serious play while I worked on GCU stuff.

She made some breakfast for her babies. She’s teaching them to not wiggle when they sit. Hmmmmm I wonder where she got that? She is a great mommy. Very nurturing yet consistently disciplining with grace.

After this, it was time to thank her for being so gracious to me as I worked.

We did her nails with some press on’s.. She can now scratch my back. (I had a plan..heehee)

Tot, you play so well, with such imagination and fun. I love your mind and your heart.

We later discovered a path right outside our house. Since it is finally warming up, we tested it. Turns out it is beautiful, spacious and Tot-approved.

There she goes and here she comes. Keeping up with her..

Requires me to get some fire in my steps. Tot, you are my little speedster.

Spring Break Day 2: Cute.

AAAHHH> Cute breakfasts. Yes, this is part of the deal. We make sure we eat cute food and we make cute pictures. We also buy cute things. It’s the fun part of being a girl.

Today, it was oatmeal with a chocolate chip smile and sprinkley hair.

and dot trees.

We also had donuts with Mama. She made a cute card for her. Yes, cute. (She did it ALL ON HER OWN).

She received a Target gift card from Marv and Pat for our wedding. Wasn’t that nice? She bought little Ella here. Cute huh?

Fun filled cute day.

Spring Break Day 1

It is off to a brilliant start. Sadly, Tot had the flu all weekend leading up to our fun week. She spent Sunday a bit down in the dumps, but she did have the energy to organize her art cart. Daddy brought her some more supplies and she had to find room in this monstrous supplied wheelie.

Monday morning arrived, and she had preceded me in awakening. She was working on a surprise for Daddy and me.

She was feeling a bit better, so I made her a cute breakfast. It’s all about the aesthetics, right?

Then it was time for a few errands. One was to Sprouts for some new recipes. Yikes. I always am nervous to try out new things. My family is so patient, but so far so good.

When we got home, we worked on a flower craft. Tatum was ready to paint.

She was a helper in getting supplies ready.

First we watercolored randomness on paper.

Then it was time to cut out flowers.

The background was an old book cover cut out in strips.

They turned out pretty cool!

She wanted to then “cook” so we set up paints on the floor. Our new floor is very forgiving, so I had no worries. Plus, she is so responsible. She made me few pies. I’m so lucky!

We have a week to have some fun. Stay tuned for adventures.