Sweetie Pie Sport Day

We arrived at skating and Tatum was a different person. She was so funny and also so agreeable. Not challenging me in everything if you know what I mean.
When Grant showed up, she had fun with him and skated with ease. It was a sight to see. We are inspired to watch the Winter Olympics now.

It would be soccer time in a few hours.

We arrived, and she wanted to kick with me. Then, the coaches showed, and she was off.

Now, here is what I noticed. Many of the girls were caddy and rude to each other. I watched a few girls treat Tatum unkindly. They wouldn’t be her partner and she just stood there really quite unaffected but I could tell she was surprised.. She did not react badly or let it bother her. The coach merely came up and paired her with someone.

Then the lady coach approached me: “I just wanted to tell you that Tatum has improved immensely. She listens. She observes, takes her time, then executes.”

Now, mind you, the coach does not approach other parents hardly ever. I felt so special. She also said, “She’s a sweetheart; so kind to the other girls.”

She kicked it in and was told ‘good job.’

Even if she’s not playing, she’s running and doing her best.

The biggest takeaway I have of the day is Tatum seems to RISE ABOVE the girl petty stuff. She doesn’t allow the riff-raff to affect her, and she seems more mature in that way than the others. Sure she is smaller, but her personality makes up for it in spades. Kindness; even when others are not. We talk about that ALL the time. It’s how Jesus would act.

She told me on the way home, “Mommy, I’m so glad you are my mommy. You are my biggest gift.”


I’m so proud of her. I love you SWEET girl.

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