Cough cough cough cough cough…

x 100! in a minute and then again in the next minute.

She has had this cough for a week, but it usually subsides by the afternoon. Yet, no sleep for her or me much this week. I have tried salt spray, steam showers, humidifier, cough syrup, lozenges, Vicks, prayer, rain dance (ok, maybe not that) …… You name it.

Nothing has WORKED!!!!! I’m at my wit’s end and Tatum? Well, she is too. She even begged me to go the doctor. We headed to the urgent care since there was a wait to see her ped.

We arrived, and she remembered the last time we went. It was this:

She told the receptionist all about it.

So we waited and colored.

Then, the cough arrived.

My poor bumby!! GO away you nasty cough thingy!!

So we got in and they told us she had bronchospasm and a bit of upper respiratory infection. Steroids, inhaler, antibiotics, Claritin, and breathing treatments.

She had good spirits, that’s for sure. She played Dr. with me as we awaited the MACHINE.

Here it issssssss…….. Now we must really make it fun as we sit for 5 and breeeeeaaaattthhhheeee.

This did help, and I think she’s going to be OK after all of these drugs. Aye.

She made me a happy picture while I tripped to the pharmacy.

My little love bug. May the cough be NOT with you.


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