President’s Day to celebrate

We have a great little picture biography book about Abraham Lincoln. It paints a wonderful picture of Abe as a boy and growing up to care about justice and freedom for ALL. He fought for rights that all men are created equal.

Therefore, we decided to celebrate him today with a little drawing.

So his ears are a bit big, but Tatum wanted to stress the fact that he HEARS us and our cries. Ahhhh, of course.

Mom was going to take us to Nordstrom’s for lunch, so this meant we had to pass by the shoes. Doesn’t everyone!?

Lunch was delightfully delectable, but the inevitable was about to occur.

That’s right… we got ready for our next adventure, and guess where we headed next?
To the dentist for her check up.

She was a bit nervous since she has still been sucking her fingers. The dentist had warned her that she would be inserting a “container” (Tatum called it this as opposed to “retainer”) into her mouth.

She figured if she looked cool, all would be Ok. They gave her these awesome specs so as no to get sugar buddies in her eyes.

Do you know what we saw???? Her new teeth coming in!

Here is the bottom..
And the top…

They’re looking a little crooked, no? She says kids are getting braces as young as 7!!! I was 12!

Then, I asked what the going rate was for teeth from the tooth fairy these days. For me, it was a shiny new quarter. The going rate ranges, but some parents are giving 20 buckeroos!! Seriously. Really.

We will just cross that bridge when we come to it.

She had no wiggles and did a great job being a still patient! Very proud of her. And as for the “container?” She is going to have us hold off and continue painting with the nasty tasting Mavala. (Lucky gal!)

We got home and headed around the block a few times to get out those dormant wiggles.

This President’s Day was filled with adventures and joy. (No container….Hooray!)

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