100 Days, Planets aligning and SHOWER!

Venus and Jupiter still show in the morning. WOW. Can you just believe how bright and beautiful they are?

Today, it was the 100th day of school for Tatum. They always make it a special deal. She brought in a book with 100 flaps; an easy way to count to 100. They made Cheerios necklaces and Fruit Loop bracelets. My kind of jewelry!

Tatum decided she wanted 100 donuts, so I brought home some of my favorite wrapping paper from my shower!

Speaking of my shower, Doug was sneaky in helping Sharon arrange the whole thing. SO kind of him! My girls surprised me at my book group on Thursday. I was not prepared at all, so I did not look my best AT ALL….(no sleep the night before).

They made me feel SOOOO special. We didn’t take many pics, but they all looked so lovely!

Chocolate covered strawberries to boot from Eva who is the best baker in all of creation.

I brought home my balloons for Tatum and she took right to them.

What a special day for Tatum and for me. I’m so grateful!

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