Head plant to Crabby booty!

This swing was Tater’s number one spot for over six months. Number one… until today!

She went from teensy tot to full tot in almost 7 months, and today, she went KERPLOP! The belt that held her in came down with the pad and HER, face PLANT onto the floor. She only yelped for a moment compared to my GASP! So…buy buy swing. We sure will miss you.

Fast forward to us hanging on her mat. I’m reading The Fault In Our Stars, laying next to her, and she is playing with her mirror. Coti continues to bring me every toy in his box. It’s pretty near perfect!






….Then, after much play, sleep, eating, and what not, she is ready for bed!
IMG_2679 IMG_2678

Oh, what a great summer day :-)) May her crabby booty and she sleep with the angels!

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