Yielding control

The influence I have on one little life is insurmountable. However, I cannot control it. Currently, I am reading a wonderful book by Elizabeth George, Raising a Daughter After God’s Own Heart.

It is abundantly clear that the choices that I make, the tone I set, and the modeling I do will affect her for the rest of her life. I can only do so much, but what I can do cannot be stressed enough.

Often I will just stare it her and wonder what she will be like? Will she be the class clown? Will she be the one with the sunny disposition? Will she be the one everyone respects? Will she be the athletic jock type? Will she be a girly girl? It really does not matter. What I care about goes so much deeper and for that, I can have a positive influence. 

First, she needs my prayers. It is not a chore, as George puts it, it is my mission. “Evil” will come my daughter’s way; that is inevitable. However, I can shield her with prayer. Here is a list of prayers I diligently lift up to God:

  • That she would come to believe in the Christ and His lovingkindness
  • That she would desire to follow Jesus (her OWN desire)
  • That she would grow spiritually
  • That she would reflect Jesus in character.  (This is my favorite)
  • That she would choose wisely her associations
  • That she would marry wisely who is also a lover of Jesus

These prayers are my biggest weapon for her to have a clean heart. I will beg God to help me and do battle in prayer. He and ONLY He can grow and transform. I am just a vessel to be used. Tatum, you are adored and loved beyond belief. God is your daddy, and He wants the best for YOU because you are HIS.

She can STAND on all of these words.


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