Mastering the bits

I see now why moms (mostly moms with infants) have duck fins. They are constantly moving, yet remain calm on the surface. If a moment arises to sit and NOT move, it is treasured like appreciating a Phoenix sunset. The rarity of it makes it very hard to actually relax because the moving never ends; the moving of not only every limb of the body but the mind.

Writing gives me a chance to remain reflective and introspective; I constantly am analyzing my Tatum-raising while probably ignoring every other ruminating opportunity. That is perhaps why this blog has morphed into “Totally Tatum.”

Pre-Tatum, and as a single gal no kids, my world really was filled with Totally Steph. As much as I would like to defend my altruism through being an educator or a giver of my time to my church…or as an all around good person who loves others,  I always could come home to my house and my couch with my bible or favorite book and my homemade meal on my schedule…all completely taken for-granted and really not realizing it was all about me. How could I know what I did not know? And how could I know what the other side would be like? One cannot possibly judge either world until, as Atticus Finch says, “You walk around in [his] shoes for a while.”

In fact, I think that Washington D.C-ites or School boards/decision-makers cannot really be considered credible unless they have ANY CLUE as to what they are defending. For example, people making decisions about insurance formularies or coverage are NOT usually physicians or pharmacists. People making decisions about what is best for education are NOT teachers or home-school parents. People who make decisions about funding for our military have NOT been in the military experiencing first-hand the importance of the U.S. being a strong nation.

Removing myself from this waxing eloquent pedastal which really is just some fierce wonderings, I am learning to appreciate and master the bits of uninterrupted time to just sit; to just appreciate; to just be. Tatum has given me this gift; the gift of true gratitude. And an appreciation of the importance of mastering the bits.

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