A fevery Christmas

And so it goes….. This was not the usual “get together with the family and open gifts and eat” day. A simple day. A day to truly remember the reason for the season…not gifts…not the tree..not the decorations, but sacrifice and togetherness. My mom, Tatum and I spent the day resting and just being. Poor darling still had a fever waning and waxing from 99-101.

I put her red riding cape on and took Coti and her out for a little walk…just to get some fresh air!


Mom had delicately put out some gifts for Tatum which she enjoyed for a few minutes.

IMG_3889Curious George made her wince and more curious as he popped out of his steel box.

IMG_3921 IMG_3917The rocket car had her rolling around, albeit backwards, but rolling! We said, “It goes Vroooom.”

and she actually said, “Vroooo” Hee!

IMG_3894IMG_3937Once I turned her around, she was raring to go!IMG_3942

Sadly, about 1:00, the fever kicked up again and she was making it apparent with her fussiness. I put her down for a couple hours and that helped for a bit. It was a trial and error period for the rest of the day of what could make her feel better. This was getting harder, and I know it was just frustrating for her.

After a stab at a bite for dinner, or a spoon actually, she came out…my Tater! She makes me crack up. Coti would drop the ball at her and she would pick it up and give it to him! Adorable! They were playing catch hand-to-me style. Then Coti would thrash his head with the ball and Tatum would copy him shaking her head and making herself laugh. Hilarious!

So, our Christmas with the family is postponed until Saturday. Although, today was great to just spend with my mom and Tatum. Tomorrow, I will call the Dr. and see if there isn’t something I am missing. I just know she is ready for this to be over, and so is her mommy and grandma!

Merry Christmas! Jesus was born today to remind us that His love and His presence are the true gifts; He was born to die for you and for me and thus pay for the forgiveness of our sins. He was born to die on the Cross that we might be reconciled to God. Thank you, Jesus. 


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