The answer was in the ear

One of the challenges of motherhood or really any new endeavor is the gray area. Our nature wants roundness; smooth edges; closure….ANSWERS! Yet, when there is no absolute yes or no or  an exact black or white, frustration builds because why? We are not GOD! (pride issue of course!) So, with Tatum, it is the ultimate test. I cannot control every little thing and I cannot understand every little thing. Perhaps it’s pride or just the need to know, but whatever it is, it darn near drives me bananas. Such the case with this last week. Every day, same thing. Wake up. Take her temp. Calm her fussiness. Calm more fussiness. Pull out my hair (sight unseen)…and shake my head in wonder. Just five days ago, Doc said it was just a flu that needed to work itself out. Her ears and throat were clear. So…. what then!!??? This is when Google gets its run for the money. Every possible question goes in the search box..and I get a million answers and various blogs.

Finally, after 6 days, I called the doctor again. She went in only to find out she did have an ear infection AND blisters on her throat. He said that her symptoms were viral or were due to the ear infection, and he could give her meds to clear the ear! I was actually thrilled to hear this because I got my round answer to complete my circle of questions. Now, she is on the mend after only two doses. And me? I’m relieved.


Last night, she woke up constipated and let me comfort her. It made my night 🙂


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