A Kramer Christmas

Postponed until Saturday, we celebrated with the family! Of course, the annual picture had to precur this lovely event which happened an evening prior at the be-EEKING hour of 5pm. Now, I knew that having a dog and a 13 month old sit still for a picture while we wait for the camera was a feat unto itself. Then, to have the 10-second lag was sure to make a disastrous pose. So we did a warm-up. Would you believe this was the best one!? Pictures are so funny…they capture a single millisecond of pseudo-perfection (hah!) only to regroup to reality: Chaos!IMG_0768Finally, we are ready now to have a Christmas with the cousins at the Kramers! Saturday arrived, fevers were gone, Kramers were healthy, we were set! Sadly, no Christmas brunch in our jammies and awaking to a understuffed Christmas tree, but James was making salmon and the girls, Nyla and Morgan were excited to hang out, so this trumped the other. IMG_0813


Morgan received her “puppy” or to be exact, her polar bear which looked a lot like a little Coti!

IMG_0831 IMG_0824IMG_0860 IMG_0850 IMG_0846

Tatum nestled next to James, and it made me see how much she enjoys a wonderful man holding her! Who wouldn’t!? This is a prayer of mine for her, that she would have this in her life always. Until then, I am so thankful for Kel and James đŸ™‚IMG_0815

It was a beautiful dinner of BBQ Salmon by Chef James and delish salad and potatoes from Kell. Taters enjoyed eating the taters and tried salmon. The mango made her scream which confused me then I realized it was because it was the mango from the spicy salsa. Oops! Too spicy for the Tot tongue.

Driving home, the sunset reminded me of God’s beauty and His love for us. What a lovely day!


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