Out and About

I am constantly analyzing, wondering, and questioning. It’s not a confidence thing. It’s a “am I doing this right?” thing. Tatum has been OUT often! Heck, we go to the store, the mall, the park… many “outs.” But sitting in a high chair for dinner at a nice restaurant? This is a new adventure. Finding things to do in “the chair” instead of just eating has its own challenges. Kelly, oh my dear sweet cousin and sista, tells me Tatum is doing great! Me? I don’t know what to compare it to, so I figure, OK. However, I don’t want Tatum to expect table time to be all about her. But, hey, she’s 14 months!
The first thing she did when I plopped her in the queen’s seat (high chair), she tried to make us all laugh with her antics of putting things on her head and bouncing Mr. Bear. Then, she turned around and started to “flirt” with the couple behind her. She just stared, and the lovely old couple smiled and she mimicked them with smiles and laughs. The social butterfly.


The food came, and she scooped it up…loving every bite. I ordered her some steamed broccoli florets, chicken breast and she then enjoyed some parmesan cheese shreds and banana…again..loving every bite. How did I know she was finished? She dropped the food on the floor and said, “Uh-Oh,” and enjoyed watching the food missile down to the ground. 

We got home and then….

IMG_4187took out the Coti as she zzzzzzzzed. 🙂



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