Mother’s Day Take Two!

Evidence of a fun day!


After breakfast and Tatum’s curiosity bug biting, she ran around my bedroom and bathroom as I got ready. She of course had to grab my comb and pretty herself too. We are going to have to learn to share our mirror and comb usage. Having a girl has its challenges, eh?

IMG_4795 IMG_4800

Strike a pose!

Next stop: Church! But first, a pic with mom. Sadly, I did not get a picture with MY mom 🙁 She got bitten by the bug I had last weekend which I got from Tatum. The tummy holds no prisoners…well actually it does but they wanted out both ends.

Ok, so I am still carrying her in the pouch. I have a few reasons for this:

1. I like to be close to my Tot. (vs. the stroller)

2. She’s getting heavy (well, relative to the feather she used to be) Plus, I need some support for my aging (sigh) back!

3. I cannot have her running around loosely (especially since she still is a bit wobbly!)

Tatum loves singing at church in my pouch. She loves to hold up her hands and clap with everyone. I embrace her tightly as we praise God and thank Him for all he does for us. (Thank you for my TOT, Jesus) Then, like usual, we head into the room to listen to the sermon. (She did sit through a great video about moms and smiled the whole time. It’s like she understood it!) In our little sanctuary room, she likes to listen and run around, playing with various cups, kleenexes, boxes, pillows. Note: no toys!? (although she has a bunch of them!)

Then….she heard it. She stopped and started to bounce as the music began again. 

IMG_4830 IMG_4827Clap…bounce…clap. What rhythm!


The rest of the day, we just hung out at home and relaxed. OK…that is not true. Relaxing fell out of my vocabulary for a few years. However, being her mom, relaxing or not, is a whirlwind. When she says, “UP!”, my heart flutters. When she kisses me, I do a happy dance. When she says, “Mama!”, I know I feel like I have her heart too.

IMG_4809This little face..this sweet little face shows wonder, excitement, confusion and individuality. Yes, she is starting to exhibit her large opinion in many non-verbal ways, (shaking head saying NO, pushing things away, laying on the floor turning to the side, and taking swings!) but she is also starting to exhibit her wondrous curiosity with bringing me things I suggest (like a cucumber!) or just wanting me to have something like a book to read.

Sadly, my mom was ill this day, and we will definitely celebrate another day. (What would I do without my mom? She has laid a tremendous foundation for me to be a great mom) Gladly, I got to enjoy a full SECOND Mother’s Day with my dearest Tot.


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