Aging, Staging, Paging

Aging. My face shows it, but my attitude does not. In fact, as I get older (numbers-wise), I feel less omniscient. Not that I felt all-knowing before, but I realize how little I really know; especially when it comes to parenting. Tatum aging humbles me in every way since I am walking along side her as her parent. I need to remain one step AHEAD of this brilliant, quick mind or she becomes the “alpha” and I become the responder. Proactivity, wisdom, and a positive reinforcing nature is what is needed with Tot.



The BIG DAY was introduced by my dear friend Melissa and her girls, Sophia and Gabbie. They threw me a birthday party with a lovely blue cake to match Tot’s eyes. IMG_4862
IMG_4859 IMG_4857


As the week progressed, it continues to become apparent how much Tatum loves to be “on stage.” She loves to be a ham and the center of attention. This can be amazingly adorable OR in the need of a time out.

IMG_4845She’ll show her silly side with the shades; she’ll play with Mr. Big Baby and point to his eyesIMG_4852 IMG_4854 IMG_4855

But not getting her way? Then she’ll stage a full on breakdown; it’s the END of the world!! Whatever is in her hand goes flying, so she loses it for that moment. Now, I’ve added the Time Out for 2 minutes. After that, we talk like two rational people; I treat her as someone who understands what I’m saying and I listen. It’s tough for the moment, but then, she will hopefully learn and extinguish this stagey cagey behavior.

What do I adore now? Her “paging!” through a book. She’ll pick one up and just plop down going through it on her own. IMG_4840 IMG_4847

She loves to point to the various animals and make the noises.. .




Aging…Staging…Paging. (And no more raging!!!) as we journey through this season.



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