Through it all….. The LOVE celebration

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today, I sat in a courtroom with a judge telling me I was officially Tatum’s mother, Mrs. Tatum Tot. Each day, I wonder why me? Why did God choose me to be her mommy? Questioning and celebrating coexist in my brain, and this actually produces wonderment. Awesome wonder of HOW God works. It is truly apparent that I had ZERO to do with this miraculous union just as Mary had ZERO to do with the immaculate conception. She did not deserve it; she merely lived her life, obediently and just plain normally. Me? My life was no different (and I am definitely no Mary!) But, for some reason, this child of mine needed someone to figuratively carry her into this world and give her an opportunity to LIVE HER BEST LIFE.

IMG_2075I humbly receive that honor to be her guide ( and hopefully her light, her sage and her biggest cheerleader). All I can do is continue to point point point (and I say that three times to emphasize this since it is not me who can provide this) to the GOD of this universe while also being the GOD of her life; her ABBA; her Daddy; her personal Jesus.

May each year bring the blessings that she continues to provide me. I say this, not because it is and easy road, for blessings do not come from paved ways; they come climbing grassy hills with rocks and crags. We fall; we bruise; and occasionally break a limb, but through it all, we are ultimately blessed.


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