May I Never Forget

Martin Luther King Jr. stood on this spot to give his “I have a dream” speech. It is located at the Lincoln Memorial.

I never shall forget the peaceful solution he offered our country. Love conquers HATE. And God is LOVE.

This overwhelming feeling sweeps over me as we fly home from Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Not only was I moved, but 35 7th graders were consoling and encouraging other each as we wept with tears of appreciation. Our freedom is not free. What this country stands for reminds me of what Christ did for me…for YOU. Paying the ultimate price, death on a cross, was not free, and I shall never take it for granted.

Of course I desire happiness, fulfillment, and a peaceful life. But the cross continues to remind me that sometimes these things come at a cost. I don’t think freedom is necessarily about being physical enslaved, although for some it was. The freedom we have in Christ is to be who GOD wants us to be; that is, to release our fears, our worries, and our desires to HIM. Freedom is trusting that He has our back. Freedom is knowing that we will end up with HIM, and all THIS will pass away. Freedom is walking on the water daily and living each day in expectation of His blessings, not fearing His outcomes, even though the process of getting there is painful.


May I never forget.

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