Band-aids aid

Who would have thought that a bunch of band-aids could aid in keeping Tatum entertained and occupied during Pastor Terry’s sermon today?


IMG_5234IMG_5237 IMG_5236

As she carefully placed each one into my empty coffee cup, she shook them out and watched them fly. Then, it was pick-up band-aids one by one back in the cup. After that, I needed another idea, so I tore up the sticker pad into mini-confetti pieces and placed it in a plastic soap container.

IMG_5242This became another pouring activity. Anything Tatum can pour or place, she is gleeful.

Pastor Terry spoke about stewardship today, and how everything… I mean EVERYTHING we have been given is a gift and should be shared to the glory of God. This puts a whole new perspective on our “things.” Also, I can completely give my daughter over to Him, trusting that He is in control. I pour my heart and soul into her as a devotion to Him. This way, when it feels like work, I can be reminded she is a gift I hold dear and preciously take care.

At the end, we even committed to a promise that:
“Today I choose to embrace my position as manager over everything God has entrusted to my care; I will trust. I will obey. I will obey. I will steward all of the resources of my life to the glory of God.”

Simple. (but not easy)

But, with Tatum and the Holy Spirit present in my heart, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Those band-aids kept her happy, and they also aided in helping her mommy hear the message loud and clear.

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