The puzzle helped me solve the puzzle

Whenever Tatum and I sit down to work a puzzle, she just tunes out. Her little fingers grab the peg, and she tries to place it correctly, but then she gives up. No interest.



Then, the other day, she wanted to open one of her real puzzles (which I was saving for when she was older). images-1She wanted to open it, so we did (and I hesitated). I talked it out as I solved it, showing her I started with the corners then I looked for eyes and faces to complete. She kept saying, “eyes…eyes..” She loved it!
IMG_5250 IMG_5251

This coupled with her always choosing books as she points to faces, I realized…AHA! She is so visual and relatable. She seems to need to relate to something. I don’t know what is “normal” since I’m new at this, but seeing her love this puzzle as she looked for faces/eyes to complete it and seeing her LOVE books as she talks through them with her babble (while by herself), it became apparent to me her visual nature.

Whatever it means, it is fun to see her be excited about something on her own.

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