Can gratitude erase stress?

Gratitude can overtake one’s life just as easily as stress. The stressors of anyone’s life are only as heavy as one allows them to be. The conversation this morning discussed stomach aches. It occurred to me that ever since I can remember, I have been plagued with all types of stomach problems. Whether it is slicing cramps, bloating, nausea or just plan doubling over aches, I’ve been there done that a million times over. Who knows whether the root cause is dairy, gluten, fruits, the way the planets are aligned or my big toe. The commonality which has always been present in my life is stress, right? Isn’t that the norm for all of us?

So what is different now? I still have stress! Shoot, I have a 21-month old child who I adore with all my heart and soul. However, the gratitude I have for this ULTIMATE GIFT supersedes any stressor I have ever experienced. Stomach aches? Sure, they are still present. But now, they are not as bothersome. My focus is on HER.

Today was one of those days where you think, how do I deserve this amazing child?

She sat at her table reading her Jesus Loves Me book as I sat in another chair working on my laptop.

The spurts of her playing independently are getting longer every week. Then she opened her little doll case which I filled with various buttons and boxes. This kept her going for oh…about 3 minutes! A lifetime in Tatum years.


Then, back to more books but now on her green chair. This time? A “where is it?” book. This one was her infant book and she has rediscovered it.

IMG_5262She then discovered her new toy which I spent literally one hour airing up…Mr. Panda. This was to be her new pool toy, but I caught her sitting on it doing….what do you think?? YEP. Reading her favorite book. (I Love You Forever)


When she first met Mr. Panda, she looked at him square in the eyes, said “Hi,” and kissed him. She seems to kiss everything to show she likes them. This will work for at least now, or if she moves to France.
After the library and “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” class we headed home for her to play in her kitchen and relax a bit.

IMG_5269 IMG_5271


It was the perfect Tatum day, and we made it all together. Together. This is why gratitude overflows in my being.

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