An answer to prayer 21 months later

A community

A bible study.

All answered in one day.

Thank you, MOTC. (Mom’s of the City).

This amazing group of women (all mommies) meet twice a month on Tuesday mornings. They provide child care, food, fellowship, and so much encouragement. Now that I get to be home with Tatum, this provides something ALL MOMS need. When working, you just have no time for anything like this. If you did attend a group, it takes away from “quality time” and that cannot happen when you need every minute together.

Then, to my utter surprise, on the alternate Tuesdays, there is a women’s bible study WITH child care as well.

I get fed.

The ladies in the child care center were in awe of Tatum; they said she was like no other child. She is AWARE and so mature. I just know I’m blessed beyond belief to have her and ….

now to have a community to encourage and be encouraged by.

Thank you, Father!!

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