His child

Holding Tatum in my arms today during the singing at church, I couldn’t help but weep. The Spirit of God overcame me as my body filled with goose bumps and my eyes flooded with tears. Tatum heard me sing out to the Lord and as I did, I held her closer. She is my gift…my precious present that I lift up to HIM daily.


She got it this morning, as she actually comforted me as I held her. She could sense His Spirit moving me. As my dear friend Dick said, children really do sense God; Jesus even tells us to have that childlike faith. I sense she has that even at 21 months. How does she know to be silent every night as we pray before bed? So many little clues of her precious faith; the kind Jesus wants us all to have.

The rest of the service reminded me of how blessed I feel to know the women of City of Grace. Elizabeth is one of them, and it is no coincidence that she used to work with my mom. We have playdates with her adorable little 2-year old, and we both think they’d be a tremendous couple in 30 years when I allow her to start dating. Good thing I have her husband picked out, so she won’t even need to date! 🙂

When we arrived home, the doggie couldn’t wait to throw the ball and play.


Then as we went upstairs, I realized I needed to go back down and talk to my mom. As I did this, Tatum took it upon herself to go into her room, grab three books off her shelf and go into my room and read. Again…”coincidentally” she picked the ONLY three bible books she has. Weird. Just crazy amazing.

 Tomorrow is Labor Day, and I shall celebrate this LABOR OF LOVE that God has bestowed upon me.

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