My non-cuddling little cuddler

Don’t ever label your child. I did it.
“She hates to cuddle;” She’s not a hugger;” Tatum hates to rock with me.”

Guilty as charged!

What has happened warms my heart. Tatum Knight puts her arms around me and really hugs! Is it a coincidence that she started putting her arms around me in August (one month ago)? I do not think so. This is exactly the time I decided to come home and BE HOME with her full-time. Now, daily, I get hugs.

Tonight, before I put her in bed, I rocked her in my chair and she cuddled with me. As I did, we prayed (well, I prayed out loud) and then I sang to her (poor child). Then, I put her in bed. Usually, I just put her down and pray over her in bed as she listens, but tonight?… We rocked and so did it!

My little angel. My sweet little angel.



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