Easy? NO. Important? YES

If we did (or did not (do)) everything we felt like doing, then life would be so EASY! Would it be fruitful? Nope. Would it grow us? Nope. Would it be good role modeling? Nope.

However, having a toddler is not a job. It’s not one that ends when you get home or when you go to bed at night. Even when your toddler is not with you, it’s still a job, and you’re still on “the clock.” I’m convinced that yoga pants and scrunchies were made by a mom and developed for moms. You can always spot a mom when you are out and about because she will look like she just came from the gym yet probably has not worked out in months. We just look lovely!

Here’s the difference, however. We need to be ON all the time. It’s really much like teaching in that I must have that smiley, positive attitude even when I just don’t feel like it. At least with teaching though, you can go have lunch with your buddies or hide in your classroom. Not so with parenting.

Just yesterday, I was T..I..R..E..D and just did not want to be the entertainment committee for Tatum. She decided I needed some coffee: 

IMG_5283 IMG_5287Sweet child shared it with me after she gulped it down. I need to teach her about sipping (not chugging the hot liquid)

It did not get easier through the day either. She likes to say “NO” and “MINE.” (I know..something new in toddlerland) and this just makes life so pleasant. I must (like teaching) “think on my feet” and be creative because I will not battle this child every time she says “no” which is too many to count.

Spelling gets her attention because she knows many letters. I figured I’d stay away from the N..and the O although she does know the individual sounds, just not the spelling! Amazingly she knows the vowels and of course D (DOG!), J (JUMP!), and T (TATUM).


The beauty of parenting (like teaching) is that it is all trial and error. Sometimes what I do works magically! And others? FLOP! That is when I walk away for a “MTO” (Mommy Time Out) so I don’t yell.

The day actually ended beautifully with the cuddling...and why??? My attitude adjusted. Before going “UP” to bed, I sat at the bottom of the stairs and just talked to her like an adult. I shared how much she meant to me and a little tidbit about when I was her age. Then we scooted on upstairs to a nice bedtime bonanza. (Because lately, bedtime is not so delightful).

Feelings: They are pretty powerful, but so is our ability to use a toddler strategy: SAY  ” NO” to how you feel and Y. E. S. to being positive despite feeling _____  (blah).

I love you, Tot.


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