Salt Preserves, Balances and Seasons

Recently, I attended a “thank you” luncheon at my church. They just wanted to honor the educators and pray over us for the coming school year. What!? Yep! Pretty darn cool.
They gave us a small bottle of salt as a reminder to what we can be in others’ lives. Salt has many functions, and moreover it is a necessity in all of our lives.

First, it is a PRESERVATIVE


As an educator, I can pour into my students’ lives positive messages. However, I exist for one reason only; to preserve the grace and faithfulness of God.


Next, I want to be used to SEASON my classroom with God’s love and His grace. Being an example, as Christ was for me, is what my walk on this earth signifies.


However, salt has to be used in proper BALANCE. Too much, it causes piety. Too little, it may be thought as weakness. I see SALT as a BALANCE of grace and truth.


So, being salt and working with ONE LIFE AT A TIME; this is what Jesus did. He didn’t try to change people. He just loved one at a time; one life at a time.


He was interruptible. Isn’t it so true that being available is what makes one so attractive? I take time and I don’t rush through tasks… Relationships over task.


Maybe I can create inspiration; I can create WONDER in a child. He/she may be better because I loved on him/her. A prayer for the year.

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