Is it me??

It’s a bit scary when you start seeing your child do things you do. You PRAY that the things they copy are positive.

Tatum loves to clean things. Floors, balls, books, chairs. You name it, she is in the kitchen with a paper towel and some type of bottle with liquid in it for wetting the area to wipe.

Today, however, she decided she needed to clean Coti. She had watched mommy clean his paws the other day, so poor Coti was subject to Tatum’s towel magic.


His choice? To just roll onto his back and be subject to Tatumness. Such a good sport. HE HATES when I do it.


Now, this is not the only thing Tatum copies from mommy.
When I was a little girl, I used to hide under my mother’s desk. This became not only a hiding spot, but also a bit of a safe zone when needing a place to just be. You a “make the world go away..” spot. Well, today, it was time for Tot’s nap, and I could not find her. Crazy..she usually just is waiting by her bed dying to get in and get to sleep (HAHA!!).

Well, I heard a teeny tiny laugh come from my mother’s office. Somehow, someway, she channeled mommy’s inner child because there she was…under MY MOTHER’S DESK. (the same one I used to hide under!!) Purely bizarre.


I peaked under to look and I could not find her (!?) (Did you know children disappear when they have their hands over their eyes?) Then all of a sudden:


Wow. Lesson: Your child may become you. Make sure you are happy with what you do! 🙂


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