Ending and beginning

Ending an era. The infant stage is officially over, and two has crept up like a speeding freight train with a jet engine.



Her two-year old check up this morning reminded me of my immense gratitude for my little girl. They handed me two separate questionnaires. One was just basic questions that I SERIOUSLY take for granted. Does she smile when I talk to her? Does she play and share? Does she treat toys properly? Does she stare at something for no particular reason? Many of these questions, I assumed, were to screen for autism. It made me so sad to think that could have been Tatum. Then the other questionnaire was about lead exposure. Again, I just had no idea the risks children can be exposed to. And here I was stressed about her pin drop of toothpaste she swallows every morning.

Thank you Lord.

“She is so articulate!” “Her vocabulary is so advanced!” “Wow she is smart!” “Look at that vibrant personality!”

I hear all of these things often, and I enjoy being a part of her growing up and being her mommy. I love you Two Year Old Tater Tot.




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