Minnie Blessings

Today was a day to remember. Why? I fell in love again for the first time.

The opportunity to be Tatum’s mommy over again hit me today. Being at the doctor and being tested for some health issues, it was made aware to me that I could not have been able to have children. Wow. Now, God knew this, and Tatum came into my life.

Minnie mouse symbolizes dreams coming true and happiness. This is what I see when I look at my Minnie blessings: Tatum

A couple more fun facts about Minnie. Supposedly, Minnie was truly a princess but not by name. She was by how Mickey saw her. He even said: “Gosh, Minnie, you’ve always been a princess to me.” (source e-online). This is how I see my daughter and this is how God sees her: A princess who gives Minnie blessings to everyone around her. This is how God sees US!!! Wow, what a revelation.




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