Surprises daily so CARPE DIEM!

It’s those little moments in the day when I am filled with shock and awe.

1. The other day we were picking prayers sticks and she picked Bobby. Then she said, “Bobby!”

2. The paper today had a Target insert. She grabbed it and said, “What do they have at Target!?”

3. She then grabbed the comic section and said, “I want the funny paper.”

4. At Trader Joe’s today, she pointed to the yogurt and said, “Mommy, can we have yogurt.”

The surprise about ALL of these examples is that there is no precedent. She did not know the stick said Bobby. We don’t usually read the inserts in the paper, and she wouldn’t know it is Target. Moreover, I don’t read the funnies. (My mom does, but how would Tatum know this?) Finally, yogurt? I don’t buy it and I don’t ever talk about it in the dairy section.

Surprise and awe.

Maybe this brilliance will translate into some musical capability. Testing it out today with her new Fisher Price keyboard. So far, she just wants to hit the Cymbal button. IMG_6491 IMG_6492CARPE DIEM!

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