The English Teacher’s Kid

She knows about my obsession with commas. How? She discovered a book in my closet Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. It’s become her favorite new obsession. She especially likes the page:
“What’s this thing called, honey?”  (it’s a comma sitting on the floor) vs. “What’s this thing called honey?” (the guy is pouring honey all over himself) Aahhh…the importance of a comma!


No later do I find her stealing my crossword puzzle and working on it!IMG_0225 IMG_0224And..she’s even doing the NY Times one. It must be the glasses.



Doug let her sport his spectacles, and she tried to discuss the latest development in space.


Well, maybe she better go back to the drawing board….

IMG_0222Yep, this English teacher’s kid reads books about commas, does crosswords, discusses the latest news, and well…likes things in space. (or at least a guy who works with rockets)


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