It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

What is it about trains that brings out the child in us? Maybe it’s the child we have with us! Today was one of those days where you realize the best things could be right in your own backyard!

It’s darn hot here, and there is not much to do in the outdoors. But today, a little surprise awaited us at the train park.

First, the time I spend with Tatum is one huge investment. Every little second, I imagine I am making deposits into her memory banks and every little experience in our day, including the roller-coaster emotions, well, these are part of the journey. It’s like any relationship. She sometimes does not understand me nor I her, but we communicate it through. I love the twists and turns, the ups and downs, and the give and take we share. Man, sometimes I just want to yell, “Calgon, take me away!” but I just go with the moment because I know they are short-lived and they are so special. It’s hard being with someone 24/7 with little or no breaks, but you know what? It’s pretty awesome when you think of it like a bank account and “dollar cost-averaging.” A teeny bit each day will build to a million dollars in a few years.

So, with all of this said, I take on the day when I am dog tired. Today was one of those days. I had little energy to fight the heat and the sand on my feet. We decided to have our brekkie there, and then we would ride the first train. All Aboard!IMG_0239It sure never gets old..even in 100+ weather. The other 2 passengers enjoyed the ride with us.

Then, we discovered a WHOLE NEW SIDE to the train park. There is a MUSEUM there!!! YES! Indoors, air-conditioned and F..R..E..E! So we ventured in. It was so amazing that I promised to take her back in the afternoon after nap and get her ice cream. What is funny is that we have a book about the park, and we have been reading it for about a year or more. It talks about the HO, O, N and Z trains being the smaller model trains, but I had no clue they were in the museum. I figured I had seen all of it. WRONG!

Well, easily, she could hang there for an hour or so. But first….Strawberry Ice cream.

IMG_0243 IMG_0242Delish…

Then, into the museum to find Mickey, Thomas, and other characters she recognized. Also, she can ‘control’ parts of it with one touch. This touch makes the train go, the circus come alive, and other things move and groove.

The helicopter starts its propeller….


The circus starts up….IMG_0248 IMG_0247
Mickey and Minnie come around and around…

IMG_0251 IMG_0252and this little truck starts shoveling dirt. Fascinating!

IMG_0254And all of it is right next door at the train park. The man who greeted us as we walked in shared that the city of Scottsdale maintains the outside, but volunteers keep this place going on the inside. Honestly, they are just model train enthusiasts who spend their time tinkering and tinkering with every little nook and cranny of these amazing pieces of work. What dedication, and I sure do appreciate all of their hard work!

It’s never too late to be a kid again, and I will keep making that investment in TATUM AND ME and in helping that laughing, childlike side of me never die!


I love you, Tot.

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