Mommy, watch me!

It’s so fun to be an audience. Tatum is constantly wanting to be watched or played with. Now, this sounds like a tall order, however,  the girl is so dang cute I could easily do it without being commissioned.
IMG_0318 IMG_0327


Her swim lesson today was worth seeing. She kept watching to see if I was watching!
IMG_0353 IMG_0352

But the best part was when I came in to get her from her nap. She had somehow retrieved the keyboard and was playing tunes. IMG_0344She had heard me say that I did not want her to touch my computer please, so when I came in she said, “Mommy, I told the babies not to touch my ‘puter.”

If not tempered, her ability to tell others what to do and her strong sense of self could become haughty and pious. But, we mold, shape and focus her behavior on the way she could be strong AND kind.

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