A day with the MOMS!

And what a blessing it is. I’m part of a tremendous group called Mom’s of the City (MOTC). The joy of being part of this group last year as a SAHM enabled me to make a bunch of close mommy friends and friends for Tot. It’s also a group that believes that you just have to be REAL and show up. We all come twice a month for sharing, praying, encouraging, and laughing! Tot gets to be with her friends at the same time.

This next year, I have been asked to be a table leader. This means I’ll be loving on about 8 women as I help them build stronger bonds with not only each other but Jesus and His love. Being a part of the leadership also means I had to attend a meeting this Saturday all day. What was I to do with the Tot? Well, dear Janette had the same issue, so I brought Tatum over to play with her boy, Levi, and she hired a sitter, Jackie, for the whole day. They had a B..L..A..S..T!!! This calmed me and also made her so happy! 
IMG_0376Jackie mentioned she was so kind and polite the whole time. This also made me smile!

Of course we had to start the day with a devotion and quick story as usual. This starts the day out with a positive spin and a calm mind!



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