We love you, Tacy

IMG_0660One of my dearest friends in the whole big wide world is Tacy Ashby. She was the inspiration who introduced me to the DELTA program at ASU to obtain my doctorate. At the time, she was the Superintendent of Cave Creek schools, and I had the honor of meeting with her. She helped me with my admission, sat on my committee, and has been so helpful in my educational career. Now she is a VP at GCU, and gives me so much wisdom.

Today, we had the honor to have dinner with her, and Tatum gave her an earful about how she can now go potty! Also, that she can back float for ten seconds. Tacy enjoyed every word (she has four grandchildren under the age of six so she is used to this!)

It was a pure blessing being with her tonight, and I do hope to do for others what she has done for me.



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