Old MacDonald had a FARM and he had PUMPKINS!

IMG_1081Hat: Check. Sunscreen: Check. Tennies: Check. Music: Check. We are off to Old MacDonald with our Mom’s group! Oh, yes, did I bring my stroller to carry a pumpkin? Nope. Did I bring extra water? Nope. Ok, so I’m not completely prepared, but we arrived early enough that it was not too busy, and I figured we could get some help.
As usual, the car ride is a karaoke party. Tot and I sing along to Laurie Berkner songs like “We are the Dinosaurs, I’m Gonna Catch you, There’s a Mouse in my Toolbox, The Cookie Bakers of the Night..” It’s one big songfest. Good thing nobody can hear me but Tot!

Arrival time: 9:04. Wow! How many acres is this place? It’s Old West Disneyland!

HI MOMS and Kiddos!!!

20151015_100007We are ready. First stop: Pony Rides!IMG_1085 IMG_1086Cricket, the pony is a great sport, because Tatum cried for a few moments when she first plopped down. Is this going to hold me? She’s thinking I’m sure. Plus her helmet was flopping all over the place. I held her steady on the pony the whole time and she was so brave. If it wasn’t for the floppy top, she’d be a star on that Cricket!

After realizing she couldn’t reach the pedals…

IMG_1088We opted for the petting zoo. For 3 bucks, we bought a cone of pellets for these aggressive little dudes. They jumped right on top of her, so I took over…

And here he comes…!IMG_1090 IMG_1091

Hello Mr. Goat!

IMG_1092More animals to see now….finally a nice little one. Whatcha got in your hand?IMG_1095
Let’s go this way to see the….
IMG_1103 PigIMG_1102 Sheep, goats..IMG_1101
and..oh, now he wants some love!
IMG_1097Ok..enough of the petting thing. Let’s go where the action is! There’s GOLD down here in these parts!
IMG_1109Painted gold rocks. Hmmm.

OK, so now, where was that pumpkin patch? On the way to the hayride, we got distracted with a carpet covered bull and lasso. Ride ’em cowgirl!

An opportunity to show our strength. Tatum could barely lift the tool to test it. IMG_1114
I of course wanted to show my strength  (LOL) but…oh look! There it is!!! We found the hayride.IMG_1119 IMG_1121 We got lucky with a hayride almost all to ourselves so we could chat with the driver. Lovely ol’ chap. IMG_1120

To the pumpkins we go!


This one will work. C’mon kiddo, it’s 95 degrees in October. Let’s pick one!IMG_1124Yahoo! On the way back, more distraction. IMG_1126 All I can say here is Thank God for indoor plumbing. IMG_1125Say goodbye to the ducks and hello to our cool car. The shower is the first stop when we get in the house. Thank you Ol’ MacDonald for a “HAY”PPY Day!

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